[klibc] Re: Exporting which partitions to md-configure

H. Peter Anvin hpa at zytor.com
Mon Jan 30 17:42:45 PST 2006

Neil Brown wrote:
> On Monday January 30, hpa at zytor.com wrote:
>>Any feeling how best to do that?  My current thinking is to export a 
>>"flags" entry in addition to the current ones, presumably based on 
>>"struct parsed_partitions->parts[].flags" (fs/partitions/check.h), which 
>>seems to be what causes md_autodetect_dev() to be called.
> I think I would prefer a 'type' attribute in each partition that
> records the 'type' from the partition table.  This might be more
> generally useful than just for md.
> Then your userspace code would have to look for '253' and use just
> those partitions.

What about non-DOS partitions?


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