[klibc] [WIP] klibc for m68k

H. Peter Anvin hpa at zytor.com
Mon Jan 30 20:00:10 PST 2006

Kyle McMartin wrote:
> m68k is the only debian arch still lacking a klibc port... So I started
> working on this tonight, despite not knowing anything about the m68k.
> Puzzling out the details, and disassembling things, I've at least
> got a syscall.c that looks like it might work. I don't really have time
> to do this bring up, but maybe someone else would like to finish the
> work.
> I guess this needs at least, setjmp/longjmp, crt0, and sysstub.ph
> to be useful. If nobody steps up in the next little while, I'll see
> what I can do. 
> The usefulness of all this is very debatable, but might as well
> have a complete set of ports.

Completeness is a good thing.  I spent a whole lot of time dragging up 
all kinds of obscure hardware and trying to nurse it to the point where 
I could do klibc debugging, just to find that I spent a lot more time 
keeping the machines going and their development environments working 
than I could actually spend working on the code.  The half-life of these 
old machines just isn't very good -- even my UltraSPARC 2 gave up the 
ghost :(

It would be a lot easier if there were sane emulators for more 
architectures.  Do you know if there is any m68k emulators which run Linux?


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