[klibc] klibc and what's the next step?

H. Peter Anvin hpa at zytor.com
Sat Jul 1 15:22:16 PDT 2006

Theodore Tso wrote:
> Personally, I would be happier with keeping things like suspend2 in
> the kernel, since I don't think the hellish compatibility problems
> with non-reviewed kernel functionality that has been ejected into
> userspace is really worth it --- but if we *are* going to go down the
> route pushing everything into userspace, it is going to be critical
> that distro's buy into using a kernel initialization system which is
> shipped with the kernel, and can be updated without being tied a
> particular distro's non-standard "value add".  Maybe that means we
> need to have hooks so that the distro's can add their non-standard
> "value add" without breaking the ability for users to upgrade to newer
> kernels.

That would be my feeling.  The ability to overlay initramfs is essential 
for that.

 > But either way, we're going to have to decide which way
> we're going to go, and if we're going to go down the blind
> in-userspace-good-in-kernel-bad approach, the distro's are going to
> have to cooperate or it's going to be a mess.

Of course.


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