[klibc] EXTRA_KLIBCCFLAGS and dash

Martin Schlemmer azarah at nosferatu.za.org
Sat Jul 8 08:19:52 PDT 2006


Dash currently sets EXTRA_KLIBCCFLAGS, so if you set it to something
else, it fails to build.  Not sure if the following is correct, but it
seems to work.

diff --git a/usr/dash/Kbuild b/usr/dash/Kbuild
index 8e5184e..6e743f8 100644
--- a/usr/dash/Kbuild
+++ b/usr/dash/Kbuild
@@ -18,7 +18,7 @@ DEFAULT_INCLUDES := \
        -I$(srctree)/$(src) -I$(objtree)/$(obj) \
        -include $(srctree)/$(src)/config.h


 SRCS :=        alias.c arith_yylex.c cd.c error.c eval.c exec.c expand.c \

Martin Schlemmer

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