[klibc] EXTRA_KLIBCCFLAGS and dash

H. Peter Anvin hpa at zytor.com
Sat Jul 8 16:13:11 PDT 2006

Sam Ravnborg wrote:
> Hi Martin.
>> Well, if I do:
>>  $ make EXTRA_KLIBCCFLAGS="-Wa,--noexecstack"
> Now I see your point.
> It is not today supported to supply your own CFLAGS settings like this.
> For the kernel no-one has expressed this need - I ame people has just
> hacked the top-level Makefile.
> For klibc the definitions are 'hidden' in scripts/Kbuild.klibc so less
> obvious place to go to change the settings.
> If we really need this then some extra care is needed.
> Most probarly we do not want to pick up definitions from the environmnet
> but limit this to the commandline.
> So the question remains - do we really want this feature?
> Keep in mind the kernel does not have it.

I think it's needed both for klibc and for the kernel.


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