[klibc] Status on kbuild update for klibc

Sam Ravnborg sam at ravnborg.org
Mon Jul 10 11:36:27 PDT 2006

With last bunch of patches(*) klibc is now fully updated for all archs
for the new list based way of building the klibc library.
As a very nice side-effect the arch specific Kbuild file got much more
readable than the old Makefile.inc that is now gone.

I have compile tested for several architectures and the rest is assumed
working due to the simple nature of the changes.
Only exception is cris where I really would like someone to do a
test-build so I can ruin out any remaining bits.

The only remaining klibc item I have on my TODO list is now to fix the
dependency generation in the kernel for the initramfs.
That will be another day...

Let me know if you have any outstanding kbuild issues for klibc.

(*) Dunno if they really hit klic mailing list, but hpa has applied most
already to the klibc-subdir.git tree at kernel.org.


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