[klibc] [PATCH/RFC] klibc/kbuild: arm, ia64, m32r, m68k, mips, parisc, ppc, sh, sparc64 fixes

Sam Ravnborg sam at ravnborg.org
Sun Jul 23 10:20:53 PDT 2006

> have you had time to look at the missing ppc Kbuild rule?
I assume you refer to following fix.

I cannot send maip to hpa+klibc atm since my providers smtp realy is
listed at spamcop so if you could forward to hpa+klibc it would be nice.

[PATCH] klibc/ppc: fix build error introduced by recent kbuild changes
From: Sam Ravnborg <sam at ravnborg.org>
Fix ppc build error.

Signed-off-by: Sam Ravnborg <sam at ravnborg.org>
diff --git a/usr/klibc/arch/ppc/Kbuild b/usr/klibc/arch/ppc/Kbuild
index 13612ce..699380f 100644
--- a/usr/klibc/arch/ppc/Kbuild
+++ b/usr/klibc/arch/ppc/Kbuild
@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@ #
 # klibc files for ppc
-klib-y := arch/$(KLIBCARCH)/setjmp.o arch/$(KLIBCARCH)/syscall.o
+klib-y := setjmp.o syscall.o
 klib-y += ../../libgcc/__divdi3.o     ../../libgcc/__moddi3.o
 klib-y += ../../libgcc/__udivdi3.o    ../../libgcc/__umoddi3.o

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