[klibc] [parisc-linux] klibc parisc64

John David Anglin dave at hiauly1.hia.nrc.ca
Mon Jul 24 12:01:36 PDT 2006

> The good news, it compiled fine on the first shot. The bad news,
> it failed to link usr/klibc/libc.so, and I'm not clueful enough
> to know why.
> hppa64-linux-gnu-ld  -Ttext 0x40001000 -o usr/klibc/libc.so --start-group
> [...]
> usr/klibc/socketcalls/recvmsg.o /usr/lib/gcc/hppa64-linux-gnu/4.1.2/libgcc.a --end-group
> hppa64-linux-gnu-ld: warning: cannot find entry symbol main; defaulting to 0000000040001000
> hppa64-linux-gnu-ld: usr/klibc/libc.so: Not enough room for program headers (allocated 5, need 6)
>  Section to Segment mapping:
>   Segment              Sections...
>   00:           PHDR:  
>   01:         INTERP:  .interp 
>   02:           LOAD:  .interp .dynamic .hash .dynsym .dynstr 
>   03:           LOAD:  .text .rodata .PARISC.unwind .eh_frame 
>   04:           LOAD:  .data.rel.ro .data .opd .dlt .bss 
>   05:        DYNAMIC:  .dynamic 
> hppa64-linux-gnu-ld: final link failed: Bad value

This is a ld bug.  I see the same problem on hpux with '-static'.  We
need another program header sometimes and I haven't figured out why.
I had a hack on my A500 that I might be able to find but it's down at
the moment.

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