[klibc] [parisc-linux] klibc parisc64

John David Anglin dave at hiauly1.hia.nrc.ca
Mon Jul 24 12:50:40 PDT 2006

> Interesting. So I fetched the cmdline used to build some of the static
> test programs from klibc out of a 32-bit parisc build, and edited them
> in the relevant ways to build for 64-bit. The outputted executable when
> examined with "file" claimed to be "dynamically linked (uses shared libs)"
> and would return "No such file or directory" when executed, implying that
> it wasn't linked properly.

Under hpux, non-dynamic executables aren't supported (i.e., we always
need an interpreter).  The dynamic loader defines some linker-defined
symbols that we don't have support for in the linker itself.  There may
be other reasons...

Thus, dynamically linked doesn't imply the presence of shared libraries.

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