[klibc] klibc and what's the next step?

Roman Zippel zippel at linux-m68k.org
Wed Jun 28 17:04:43 PDT 2006


On Tue, 27 Jun 2006, H. Peter Anvin wrote:

> > But not for LVM where this can be fairly complex.
> > 
> > And next would be probably iSCSI. Maybe it's better to leave some stuff
> > in initramfs. 
> Of course, and even if it's built into the kernel tree it doesn't have to be
> monolithic (one binary.)  Current kinit is monolithic (although there are
> chunks available as standalone binaries, and I have gotten requests to break
> out more), but that's mostly because I've been concerned about bloating the
> overall size of the kernel image for embedded people.

If you are concerned about this simply keep the whole thing optional. 
Embedded application usually know their boot device and they don't need no 
fancy initramfs.

bye, Roman

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