[klibc] problem with raid assembly

Aaron Griffin aaronmgriffin at gmail.com
Thu Jun 29 09:39:13 PDT 2006

The klibc based early-userspace utilites I am using have the ability
to bring up a raid device before control is passed to kinit.  This is
done in the case that one needs to do something else to the root
device (i.e. it's encrypted or an lvm volume).  That's fine and dandy,
except that kinit reports a mess of errors about the devices, as they
are already loaded.  It appears there errors are harmelss, but I am
not as well versed in low-level raid stuff as I should be, which is
why I am reporting this here.

The following is reported by kinit when md0 is already active (this
was typed by hand so minor textual errors may be present):
md: will configure md0 (super-block) from /dev/sda1,/dev/sdb1, below
md: kinit (pid 1 ) used obsolete MD ioctl, upgrade your software to
use new ictls
md: loading md0: /dev/sda1
md: couldn't update array info. -22
md0: personality does not support diskops!
md0: personality does not support diskops!
md: starting md0 failed

A while back I had submitted a patch to simply skip assembly if
/dev/mdX already existed.  This was changed to use an ioctl to check
if it is assembled instead of checking the dev FS.  It appears that
this produces those errors.  What concerns me the most is the
"obsolete" line.

For the record, this is kernel 2.6.17, using klibc stable 1.4.

I am currently in a state where I have no machine at home (moving +
laptop repairs) so I am simply reporting this here... within a matter
of weeks, I will be able to delve into the details, but currently I


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