[klibc] problem with raid assembly

H. Peter Anvin hpa at zytor.com
Thu Jun 29 16:10:42 PDT 2006

Aaron Griffin wrote:
> The klibc based early-userspace utilites I am using have the ability
> to bring up a raid device before control is passed to kinit.  This is
> done in the case that one needs to do something else to the root
> device (i.e. it's encrypted or an lvm volume).  That's fine and dandy,
> except that kinit reports a mess of errors about the devices, as they
> are already loaded.  It appears there errors are harmelss, but I am
> not as well versed in low-level raid stuff as I should be, which is
> why I am reporting this here.
> The following is reported by kinit when md0 is already active (this
> was typed by hand so minor textual errors may be present):
> md: will configure md0 (super-block) from /dev/sda1,/dev/sdb1, below
> md: kinit (pid 1 ) used obsolete MD ioctl, upgrade your software to
> use new ictls
> md: loading md0: /dev/sda1
> md: couldn't update array info. -22
> md0: personality does not support diskops!
> md0: personality does not support diskops!
> md: starting md0 failed
> A while back I had submitted a patch to simply skip assembly if
> /dev/mdX already existed.  This was changed to use an ioctl to check
> if it is assembled instead of checking the dev FS.  It appears that
> this produces those errors.  What concerns me the most is the
> "obsolete" line.
> For the record, this is kernel 2.6.17, using klibc stable 1.4.
> I am currently in a state where I have no machine at home (moving +
> laptop repairs) so I am simply reporting this here... within a matter
> of weeks, I will be able to delve into the details, but currently I
> cannot.

Okay, this seems that something that could be fixed, but not is probably 
not the right time.


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