[klibc] Re: Merge strategy for klibc

Ingo Oeser ioe-lkml at rameria.de
Mon Mar 20 12:54:26 PST 2006


first thanks for your good work on that!

On Monday, 20. March 2006 20:54, H. Peter Anvin wrote:
> The current git tree includes a number of utilities, like dash (sh), 
> which aren't used by the default kinit configuration.

But its quite useful to be dropped into a shell, if anything goes wrong.
e.g. ubuntu assumes an modular kernel, which I don't like to have
and I got dropped into the shell quite often until all scripts worked as 

> Additionally,  
> right now kinit is built monolitically, in other words there isn't a 
> CONFIG_ option to turn off nfsmount, for example.

Yes, since after development of your init setup, you want to shrink it
as much as possible :-)

But all of this stuff is janitorial and can be done after merging the basic
ideas and completing the setup code move to user space.

Another idea is to still allow the current archive setups for initramfs,
because a static /dev might be best for embedded stuff where
you basically pre-compose a system image and download that to flash.

> 3. Path: it probably would make sense to push this into -mm first?

The usr/ part should go in ASAP, but please rip out the setup stuff 
only after a grace period announced in Documentation/feature-removal.txt
or sth. like that.


Ingo Oeser
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