[klibc] Any Alpha users...

Martin Michlmayr tbm at cyrius.com
Mon May 15 08:37:57 PDT 2006

* H. Peter Anvin <hpa at zytor.com> [2006-05-15 00:50]:
> If you have access to an Alpha, please test klibc-1.3.21; in
> particular, anything which uses pipes...

It doesn't work.  When I start dash and echo something into cat
through a pipe, it shows up on the screen but the command doesn't
return.  Unrelated to this, pressing ctrl-C in dash leads to a seg

tbm at juist:~/src/klibc-1.3.21$ ./usr/dash/sh
$ echo foo | cat

[Ctrl-C pressed]
Segmentation fault

Another problem:

tbm at juist:~/src/klibc-1.3.21$ ./usr/dash/sh
$ echo foo | cat | cat
cat: -: Bad file descriptor
cat: closing standard input: Bad file descriptor

Segmentation fault
tbm at juist:~/src/klibc-1.3.21$

Martin Michlmayr

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