[klibc] klibc kernel tree merged with 2.6.17-rc5; sparc64 changes in

H. Peter Anvin hpa at zytor.com
Wed May 24 23:03:55 PDT 2006

I have finished the work of transmitting sparc64 ROM parameters to kinit 
via the file /arch.cmd in rootfs.  The result is pretty nice, as it 
gives a clean interface for any other architectures which want to 
collect architecture-specific options at initialization time.

I have also merged my tree with v2.6.17-rc5, although it was a 
completely orthogonal merge set.

The following issues are still outstanding, as far as I know; I will try 
to get to them in a timely manner:

  a. nfsroot with server defaulting to the server in the ip= or nfsaddrs=

  b. nfsaddrs= (unlike ip=) shouldn't configure networking unless NFS is
     specified as the root filesystem.

  c. s390/s390x merge.  (Again, if someone could get me some hand holding
     in setting up a standard Linux on Hercules, that would be really


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