[klibc] creat isn't exported

Luciano Miguel Ferreira Rocha strange at nsk.no-ip.org
Thu Sep 28 11:44:24 PDT 2006


klibc-1.4 and klibc-1.4.29 don't export the creat function:

$ klcc -static -s -Wall rtfs.c -o rtfs
rtfs.c: In function 'move_ent':
rtfs.c:318: warning: implicit declaration of function 'creat'
rtfs.o: In function `move_ent':
rtfs.c:318: undefined reference to `creat'

$ grep creat\\b /usr/lib/klibc/include/ -r
/usr/lib/klibc/include/zlib.h:   descriptors are obtained from calls
like open, dup, creat, pipe or
/usr/lib/klibc/include/asm/unistd.h:#define __NR_creat            8
/usr/lib/klibc/include/asm-i386/unistd.h:#define __NR_creat 8
/usr/lib/klibc/include/linux/syscalls.h:asmlinkage long sys_creat(const
char __user *pathname, int mode);

creat.c on usr/klibc exists, but it isn't compiled. Activating it in
Kbuild allows the rtfs w/ creat to link, but it still gives a warning
about creat not being declared.

At least a #define creat(p, m) open(p, O_..., m) would be nice, for
compatibility reasons.

Luciano Rocha

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