[klibc] [git patch] fstype + klibc enhancements

H. Peter Anvin hpa at zytor.com
Tue Aug 14 10:26:33 PDT 2007

maximilian attems wrote:
>> What does vdprintf() etc add which aren't better done with fdopen()?
> hmm yeah they are gnu extensions, busybox seems to like dprintf().
> i encountered it first in toybox.
> do you want an _GNU_SOURCE .config variable for it?

I don't really want config variables, that the thing.  Including
<strings.h> is a bug in the upstream source; <strings.h> has been
obsolete since at least 1989; although I guess having a <strings.h> that
contains nothing but an #include <string.h> doesn't really hurt us anything.

I really, really hate supporting long-since-obsolete BSDisms because
they are poorly named and cause real problems in real systems.  It's
downright irresponsible to not let them die.

(v)dprintf should be possible to implement using a macro or trivial
wrapper around fprintf in klibc, since we don't have real FILE structures.


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