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Ayaz Ryland AyazRyland at drumboy-lodge.com
Wed Aug 15 07:51:16 PDT 2007

T+h.i*s g e+m is reall y mova'bl_e!! 
T_h-i_s o-n_e is rea*lly profitab,,le!!! 

H*a+v*e y,o,u b'e e,n wa,t*ching t.h_i's f.o_r t h,e l*a's t w e+e+k_? 

T.a k*e a l,o-o_k at it:

rec.ent n e_w_s r,elease,s s+e,n-t generati n_g growi+ng i nt erest in C_Y-T V 

Compa*ny,: CHI,NA YO,UTV C O R.P ( O+T+C BB :CYT'V.OB) 
S t o c k:      C'Y+T V 

Cur,rent Pri,ce: $_.+4_9 

4 t_h S traig*ht d*a_y*s we h a_v*e s,e*e-n t-h*i's cl+imb. (-S_e,e Yaho,o Cha,r,t-New N_e+w*s relea,se) 

T,h+i's o,n+e h-a*s h a,d n'i+c.e re_turns f,o'r inv*esto_rs o.v e'r t_h e summer-, and

n'o'w sh-ows pro+mise to be*gin a secon-d w_a,v+e of ret,urns. 

K,e'e.p a e,y_e o u t agai*n on W.ednesd.ay A,u'g 15.*... 

I h a.v+e a v_e r_y sm.all w eeks t h_e g-ates wo uld be loc ked f*o,r t h,e win ter sn_ows. 

Af*ter D,O.S fini's+hes s'o_m*e pr'epar.atory wo.rk, t_h_e C O*M f_i_l-e is loa,ded at offs_et 1-0,0*h+. 

To c_a,l_l a n-y of t_h'e rel'_ocating all ocat+or functi,.ons f.r'o m a sig.nal ha+ndler is al'most c-'ertainly incorr*ec.t, b_ecause t,h*e sig'nal co+uld happ-en at a n-y t i'm_e a-n d rel'o-cate a_l_l t+h'e block.s. 

U*sing t-h+e I,n+f-o pal.ette. 

My progr,am w'a's a*b+l,e to a,d'd appr opriat-e pad,ding sylla-_bles to av+oid t.h_i*s a-n*d o-ther d_ifficul ties. 

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