[klibc] Klibc 1.5.4 build issues

H. Peter Anvin hpa at zytor.com
Wed Aug 29 15:58:35 PDT 2007

David A. Kennel wrote:
> I'm working with klibc as a part of trying to port LTSP version 5 into 
> Red Hat 4 and 5. Red Hat does not  appear to have a very good set of 
> utilities for playing in early userspace like LTSP's boot process 
> requires so I thought I would try klibc since I could then base my port 
> more closely on the Ubuntu/Debian work. Problem is I can't seem to get 
> klibc to build against the RHEL 4 kernel (2.6.9 with a boatload of patches).

Yes, that's much too old.

You might be able to build against a newer set of kernel headers and 
still use the resulting binaries, but I can't guarantee it.


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