[klibc] Development forever

Oleg Verych olecom at flower.upol.cz
Tue Sep 11 11:12:51 PDT 2007

> > Debian had a specific use for it.
> because this change is generally useless. Having timeout in read
> built-in is bashizm, and let me prove that not just by words (:
> [1] ftp://flower.upol.cz/upload/read_with_fancy_timeout.sh

That was simply, huh? Of course, there are many variation possible,
e.g. without grace checks of child existence or file-less data
exchange, that are procfs based, but idea will be the same.

I doubt many things are needed to what sh with tools has. Like Linux,
with e.g. vmsplice and tee syscall, something is needed certainly. I need
`tee` to have usable user interface with comprehensive logging, for
example. Again, is there anybody wanting very-very "low hanging fruit"
(very prominent LKML phrase)?

Second fractions in `sleep` as not posix feature is good, as well as
`test` command extensions, that i've mentioned. Kind of `select` feature
is needed very badly. In case of klibc even with if-available options
like `ordinary select, poll, epoll, etc.`

> == Debian ==
> [2] ftp://flower.upol.cz/upload/debian.sh

BTW, it's slightly animated AA logo. Just content for developed tty text
user interface, that don't need all that ncurses/terminfo crap. Only
linux terminal emulator and console I/O. If klibc has size as it's main
goal, then maybe such thing will be good one to have. But i doubt it will
be CPU hog anyway.

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