[klibc] Polling again: switch the list over to subscriber-only?

Jeff Bailey jbailey at raspberryginger.com
Fri Mar 21 21:36:09 PDT 2008

Le 08-03-21 à 13:52, "H. Peter Anvin" <hpa at zytor.com> a écrit :

> Jeff Bailey wrote:
>> The only question that comes to mind is the future of klibc. Is  
>> there still potential for merging at some point?  In ubuntu we  
>> never got to where we could do without glibc, and I'm curious how  
>> much push there is still to finish this off and get it merged, or  
>> made more standard across distros.
>> Beating around the bush I guess to ask if the project still has  
>> enough value to keep around at all...
> I've had some discussions with some other kernel people about the  
> potential for getting it to the point where it hopefully would be  
> accepted, and there is a fair bit of interest in it.


> So the objections aren't to klibc itself, but rather to what is  
> currently available (from the kernel's perspective) on top of it.   
> There are a lot of ideas, but several of them are extremely hard to  
> implement while still out of tree, which causes an ugly chicken-and- 
> egg problem.

I remember before that the ideas here seemed to generally resolve  
around userspace assembly of md partitions and possibly moving  
partition detection completely into userspace, but I thought those  
also had strong objections to them.

It might be nice to get a brain dump of the ideas, so we can figure  
out how to move forward.

Jeff Bailey

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