[klibc] difference between busybox and klibc (faq?)

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Fri Mar 28 06:22:11 PDT 2008

 En réponse à maximilian attems <max at stro.at> :
 > > what is the difference between busybox and klibc?
 > the obvious one is that klibc provides a minimalistic c
 > standard lib the utils are reduced to those useful for 
 >an initramfs boot environment.
 > if you want to see klibc usage, you can clone debian's
 > initramfs-tools
 > git clone
 ok, I allready read some initramfs from debian, ubuntu and
 slackware in order to better understand.
 > and no klibc has no manpages.
 ok, someone told me to use the README files inside the source.
 that's enough for me to progress
 > > Say, I want to use an initramfs in order to mount root
 > > over nfs, I can choose to use klibc with ipconfig and 
 > > nfsmount? But I can also choose to use
 > > busybox with ifconfig and mount.
 > initramfs-tools provides an nfsmount implementation.
 > busybox will have to be linked against a c lib that you
 > need to put in initramfs too.
 Yes, but, the goal can be established by both tools?
 > > So what's the difference, and why and in which case one is
 > >preferable to the other?
 > klibc is been tested and heavily used in the early boot
 > userspace.
 > > If it's a FAQ, I'm sorry, just give me the link
 > if you have more specific questions don't be shy to post
 In fact, I have a lot, but I don't want to disturb this list
 by FAQ, so I prefer to check google/ docs/ archive
 before asking.
 My goal is to have a minimalistic kernel, with initramfs
 that can be used to boot everyPC everywhere, as soon
 they have network access.
 So: kernel boots, initramfs load. But I read everywhere
 that 2.6 kernels needs a bootloader. If I load initramfs
 kernel, can I drop the bootloader? Almost everything in the
 command line can be loaded inside initramfs, so the bootloader
 is useless?
 Then the initramfs would drop a menu. (at first, a shell)
 this menu asks you where is the root filesystem.
 then it mount it and continues to boot.
 I want to test it with nfs, then nfs over wireless links,
 nfs over ipsec, then use it with fuse filesystem like 
 sshfs or httpfs or any combination of these.
 Eventually, make a 2-time boot by loading a more recent 
 kernel witk kexec, or with more capacities.
 Are these questions related to this list?
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