[klibc] ipconfig and boot filename option

H. Peter Anvin hpa at zytor.com
Mon May 26 09:37:03 PDT 2008

Άλκης Γεωργόπουλος wrote:
> I'm not an ltsp developer, I'm a school teacher who bumped into a
> problem. The best solution that I've found so far and that I can
> actually implement is to modify the ltsp boot script so that it calls
> ipconfig -c bootp.
> If anyone can see a better solution that doesn't involve writing
> custom software, I'll be glad to hear it.

If all you're looking for is to hack around the problem, then this is 
almost certainly your best bet.  Yes, it means infinite leases since 
you're using BOOTP, but it sounds like you're expecting those anyway.

In other words, this should solve your specific problem.

There are a couple of other solutions, such as installing gPXE firmware 
on your clients with hard-coded boot information, or acquiring a WRT54GL 
and running custom firmware as a DHCP server (a very cheap way to get a 
dedicated DHCP router), but they're definitely going to be more work.

There is a difference between hacking around to support one site and 
make something generally supportable.


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