[klibc] Bug#584583: [PATCH] Additional fix for ipconfig

Julien-externe BLACHE julien-externe.blache at edf.fr
Thu Aug 12 23:38:42 PDT 2010

max at stro.at wrote on 08/12/2010 08:00:21 PM:


> > Commit 4efbcf90f60e27febe883ef052454d8cfded5c15 really is the root of 
> > evil, it badly broke ipconfig by doing a lot of changes all over the 
> > that were not warranted and badly tested.
> Indeed as mailinglist history show I had been sceptic to that monster
> patch, but several users had pushed for it, see:
> http://bugs.debian.org/511959

I think KiBi got bitten by the bug described in the commit message for 
4efbcf, where the next packet would be discarded as packet_discard() ended 
up being called twice for some codepath.

However I have a hard time believing that commit did fix the issue 
reliably for KiBi's setup. If it did, I believe I wouldn't have had any 
problems in my setup.

> as mika is currently on vacation after Debconf. I will look into the 
> and see if said patch resolves his testcase which is nicely layed out in
> http://bugs.debian.org/552554

He told me he'd try it out next week and report back. In the meantime, I 
have the patched ipconfig in production and it's working even better than 
1.5.12 did, so I'm really confident those patches fix ipconfig for good. 
Actually we haven't had a single failure with that patched version and 
interface configuration happens immediately.

> thank you for the patch.

You're welcome. Just to make sure, both patches are needed. Even with the 
second patch applied, there are still cases where the interface can go 
into DEVST_ERROR and enter an infinite loop due to this missing case in 
the first switch() statement. I think it would mostly happen on machines 
with more than one interface when running ipconfig on all interfaces. It 
falls in the "obviously correct even if unneeded" category, anyway.


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