[klibc] sample sleep command killed

maximilian attems max at stro.at
Fri Jul 16 03:19:52 PDT 2010

On Thu, Jul 15, 2010 at 09:28:17PM -0400, Phil Howard wrote:
> The differences I see are:
> 1.  You are running more processes in the build.  I fail to see how
> using one processor instead of four would make the sleep executable
> image (but not others) be built wrong.

none, it is just useful these days to build in //.
> 2.  You use the latest git versions, rather than the latest released
> tarballs.  Are you saying that Klibc is broken in 1.5.18 and git has
> the unreleased fix?

hpa has not yet pulled the known fixes on top of 1.5.18,
but yes git is more practical to have around as you get the
whole history too.
> 3.  You used defconfig whereas I used oldconfig originally.  I tried
> both.  No difference.

didn't want to be bothered by questions..
> 4.  You are using the original kernel tree itself, rather than
> installed headers.  Earlier recommendations suggest the installed
> headers.  Turns out the kernel source tree header layout changes.
> Installed header layout should be more stable.  Can you tell us why
> you think not using installed headers is better?

again with git it is easy to keep up with latest vanilla.
no point in dowloading older snapshots. that way it is easiest
also to test specific linux version against. one just need to
git checkout them.

I think your question is more anchored in the old tradition of
bigger unixes with several users sharing /usr/src/
these days a ~/src/ with your own compiled stuff eases dev.
happy hacking

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