[klibc] a list of which kernel versions work with klibc

Phil Howard kunnskaperen at gmail.com
Tue Jul 20 04:03:28 PDT 2010

Is there a list of which kernel versions (are supposed to) work with
(each version of) klibc?

I do recall reading something that said klibc should run under any
version of the kernel, regardless of which version it is compiled
against.  Following the new instructions on this list earlier (to use
the KLIBCKERNELSRC= parameter to point to the installed kernel
headers) as well as also making the symlink "linux" (pointing to same
header tree), I find that only more recent kernels work with klibc.

I am trying to determine just how far back in kernel versions I can
go, so I know what work I will have to do to bring some (older) kernel
patches to recent kernels.  Fortunately, early user space will let me
abandon a couple of those patches.  Klibc 1.5.{16,17,18} only compile
with kernels since 2.6.32.  But the real issue is actually running.
If Linux changed syscall interfaces such that these version
combinations won't even run under older kernels, then I need to either
bring all my kernel patches up to date sooner (where I had hoped to
spend the time either doing them over or finding a way to abandon
them), or try to figure out how to get Klibc to compile with an older
kernel (doesn't have to be the latest Klibc, but even older versions
of Klibc were running into "header hell" with older kernels).

Even a list of which versions of Linux were used with each version of
Klibc in the past might help.  I tried to use the kernel versions
dated just before each past Klibc release (of 1.5.X versions, only),
but those other various other errors.

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