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Louis Rilling Louis.Rilling at kerlabs.com
Mon Mar 15 05:02:02 PDT 2010

On 15/03/10 13:40 +0200, Alkis Georgopoulos wrote:
> Στις 15-03-2010, ημέρα Δευ, και ώρα 11:48 +0100, ο/η Louis Rilling
> έγραψε:
> > Looks like this issue did not receive enough attention to make it for 1.5.16.
> > Could you detail a bit more what kind of cleanups you are expecting to make this
> > patch(es) acceptable?
> > 
> > Thanks,
> > 
> > Louis
> > 
> > P.S.: I did not write any of those patches, so I'd prefer if one of the authors
> > could take care of cleaning them up.
> > 
> Hi - I wrote one of those patches.
> I just wanted to say that I'm not in a position to test anymore, as in
> Ubuntu/LTSP we've moved on to using udhcp because of those specific
> ipconfig problems (and we didn't want to keep maintaining a separate
> branch). So I almost never use ipconfig anymore.

I'm able to test it. I reproduce the DHCP stall almost every day.



> About the patch, I remember that I had spent many days testing it and
> following all the possible code paths. I think it solved 3-4 scenarios
> where things could go wrong without it, but I also think that there was
> another bug which should be solved, and that patch didn't address it.
> So if anyone cares about my opinion, I'd suggest that this patch was
> included, and that some time was spent on the other (but similar) bug
> that I had described in the list.
> Kind regards,
> Alkis

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