[klibc] Patch queue pushed out

Alkis Georgopoulos alkisg at gmail.com
Mon Mar 15 14:20:32 PDT 2010

Στις 15-03-2010, ημέρα Δευ, και ώρα 12:42 -0700, ο/η H. Peter Anvin
> On 03/15/2010 09:55 AM, maximilian attems wrote:
> > 
> >> BTW, udhcpc also supports lease renewal, so I'm not really sure if
> >> ipconfig is worth any additional development resources.
> >  
> > not sure if that matters on boot up. :)
> > 
> It would be nice if it could be parked as a daemon and handle renewal.
> 	-hpa

udhcp calls scripts on dhcp events.
We're just using the same script path both in the initramfs and in the
normal system, so lease renewal works fine, it's not just for booting.

We're also using some extra DHCP information that it provides, like time
servers etc, but the main reasons are stability + lease renewal.

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