[klibc] Patch queue pushed out

Alkis Georgopoulos alkisg at gmail.com
Mon Mar 15 22:11:44 PDT 2010

Στις 15-03-2010, ημέρα Δευ, και ώρα 23:52 +0100, ο/η maximilian attems
> > >   Command line argument for ipconfig to require a dhcp option:
> > > http://www.zytor.com/pipermail/klibc/2008-October/002374.html
> > >   Bug in function bootp_parse in file bootp_proto.c:
> > > http://www.zytor.com/pipermail/klibc/2008-October/002375.html
> those are nice features to have will queue them up,
> but they don't look that urgent.
> (correct me if wrong)

The second one is a bug fix, not a feature, so I think it should be
I gave the wrong link though, the actual patch was in the next message:

The first one was a feature request that was needed in 2-DHCP-servers
scenarios in LTSP. We've worked around it by using dnsmasq as a
proxyDHCP server instead, handing out auxiliary boot information but not
IP leases.
So feel free to completely discard that proposal.

Kind regards,
Alkis Georgopoulos

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