[klibc] why mtd root device number is __makedev(0,254)

Andrea Adami andrea.adami at gmail.com
Wed Mar 24 15:18:31 PDT 2010

> this patch is so ugly and wrong that I wouldn't even call it a patch.
> please rework.
I know...I'll try to catch the developer
Imagine the detection of two images (around 10mb each) in the 121MB
nand takes 30secs! Probably because the device has just 64MB ram.

> also where do you guys hide your tree against latest 1.5.17 ??
Here the issue is klibc > 1.5.15 wont build with older 2.6.26 kernels
(what we actually have for some arm machines. 2.6.3x is still too

> people seem to ask for btrfs. will sit down for that.
> ext4 has a fix in my latest patch queue for hpa from ubuntu.
fwiw in OpenEmbedded we have own ext4 because of the initial buggy
state of the thing. afaik patches were taken from Ubuntu.



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