[klibc] why mtd root device number is __makedev(0,254)

Andrea Adami andrea.adami at gmail.com
Wed Mar 24 15:47:43 PDT 2010

> Would you please tell me how mtdblock and mmcblock devices get conflicted?
> I'm a little confused.

>> This has nothing to do wrt MTD, though, was necessary because of some
>> numbering changes for MMC after 2.6.22

> I would like initramfs to be as small as possible, which only contains
> init(kinit) itself.
On Zaurus, armv5te, we are limited by the size of the kernel mtd1
partition: 1,2 MiB for kernel + initramfs.
We got :
│ Angstrom-initramfs-kexecboot-image.rootfs.cpio.gz│ 103496│Mar 23 00:11
│ Angstrom-initramfs-kexecboot-image.rootfs.cpio.lzma│  73447│Mar 23 00:11

Just two binaries (klibc-statical): kexec  and our kexecboot, acting
as init. No shell.



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