[klibc] klibc current state

maximilian attems max at stro.at
Fri Aug 12 00:14:40 PDT 2011


While some people might scuba dive, let's summarize recent
progress and state (People cc'ed have either patches in
queue or are involved):

* Patches pending review, allmost ready for klibc 

- mikew/drop_cap - kinit: Add drop_capabilities support
  adds the ability to kinit to allow the dropping of POSIX
  capabilities. (patch even referenced on lwn :)

- mikew/run-parts - kinit: Add run_parts()
  adds possibility to run boot scripts from kinit

- maks/fdopendir - dirent.h add fdopendir()
  initial implementation

aboves patches are for wider testing in:

* Patches in the works:

- mikew/bootscripts - kinit: Add callsites to execute files
  Needs discussion about /scripts path, maybe look at was udev
  does, like /lib/kinit/ ??

- maks/switch_root : Reworks run-init into feature equiv with switch_root
  Needs repost on top of aboves queue

- hpa/stdio : Buffered stdio
  Small conflicts with missing ferror (no real blocker as current ferror
  does nothing). 

- maks/mv : Fix utils mv to work across fs
  Implemented recursively so can also serve as minimal cp.

- maks/epoll: Add initial implementation
  Need to finish test then will post.

- dash_sync : Sync up with latest git dash.
  Kbuild stumbling block of redirected stdout.
- tg/mkstemp : Add minimal mktemps(3) implementation
  Needed for mksh, saw no repost yet after first round.

- kumaan/ipconfig: append DHCP options length
  We may need to first implement domain-search and lease time

Either the hpa/stdio and maks/switch_init will trigger
an increment in the major version.

There exists a newly formed #klibc irc channel on freenode
and a wiki on kernel.org was asked for.

Thank you


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