[klibc] klibc 1.5.21 release

maximilian attems max at stro.at
Tue Jan 25 15:09:25 PST 2011

The new release should work with GNU make 3.82. It is known to fix x86_32
signals. The inline macros handle c99 mode. KBUILD_REPRODUCIBLE allows
reproducible builds. Various cleanups for the utils and kinit landed.

Thanks for your support, belows shortlog tells
the longer story:

Erik Johansson (1):
      [klibc] Kbuild: Avoid infinite loop during build with make 3.82

H. Peter Anvin (4):
      [klibc] sys/socket.h: include <sys/types.h>
      [klibc] runinitlib: remove unused variable
      [klibc] Macros to handle inlines when compiling in c99 mode
      [klibc] i386: disable the use of rt signal system calls for now

Maciej Żenczykowski (2):
      [klibc] kbuild: enable reproducible builds
      [klibc] fix typo in __static_inline macro definitions

maximilian attems (15):
      [klibc] 1.5.20 released, next version is 1.5.21
      [klibc] kbuild: fix a compile warning
      [klibc] tests: fcntl close fd
      [klibc] kinit: ramdisk_load() fix leakage on error path
      [klibc] utils: losesetup close fd
      [klibc] utils: dd close fds on error pathes
      [klibc] utils: mknod massage
      [klibc] ipconfig: parse_device nuke unused variable i
      [klibc] cpio: remove useless if before free
      [klibc] nfsmounf: start_dummy_portmap() close fd on error path
      [klibc] cat cleanup ugly ifdefery
      [klibc] utils: cleanup unused includes
      [klibc] kinit: cleanup unused includes
      [klibc] tests: cleanup unused includes
      [klibc] lib: cleanup unused includes

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