[klibc] Bug#334917: [PATCH] Re: klibc barfs on m68k syscall interface

Thorsten Glaser tg at mirbsd.de
Sat Jan 29 08:51:29 PST 2011

maximilian attems dixit:

>well ok thanks for the effort, but please really do use git.

Ah okay. I worked against the Debian package, because that is
what I can test and install.

>The klibc git repo is at 
>git clone it and work away.

Will do.

>> ++#if 0
>> ++	/* debugging: define "int32_t last_syscall;" in your code... */
>> ++	move.l	%d0, (last_syscall)	/* to see which is actually run */
>> ++#endif
>please no no ugly ifdefs.

OK. I used that one to see whether the correct syscalls were run
for mmap and select, but don’t really need it any more. Will drop.

>sorry but impossible to review as a patch in a patch,
>please use format-patch.

Yes, I see.

>I don't take arch specific patches in Debian unless there
>is no way around, so please repost the patches considering
>aboves critiques.

Noted. Thanks for the response anyway.

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