[klibc] (fwd) Re: Bug#334917: [PATCH] Re: klibc barfs on m68k syscall interface

Thorsten Glaser tg at mirbsd.de
Mon Jan 31 14:19:29 PST 2011

maximilian attems dixit:

>It be cool if belows patch could be reviewed by a m68k Maintainer.

I’ve patched mksh to work without job signals, depending on a flag;
while this is not desirable generally, it allows me to run its test
suite. The patch per se is correct, but may be incomplete (i.e. I
still get some failures that pass on i386, where other syscalls or
functions may be involved).

I’ll probably debug and submit more of that later.

>-	blt.l	1f
>+	bcs.l	1f			/* jmp short if _not_ error */

I think this is the one-liner (plus repeating in vfork.S, here by
jumping to the common code) fixing the issue. The rest is… well…
don’t hit me… me mentally converting the code of klibc and eglibc
both to i386 assembly, comparing, mixing, fixing, optimising, and
converting back to m68k assembly – stylistic flames welcome! (Yes,
I mean it. I’m learning this as I go.)

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