[klibc] Linux early userspace doubts

Prashant Batra prashant0100 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 4 05:35:07 PDT 2011


I am a newbie into kernel booting process.
I have read few things about boot process of the linux kernel. I am stuck at
few things, which I am confident, someone from the list might help on -

   - If I pass a ramfs image as an intrd paramter from the bootloader (say
   grub), then will the kernel treat this as a ramfs image only?
   - initrd image is also, packed using cpio archive, then how does the
   kernel come to know that this is an initrd ot initramfs image. Is there some
   type information included and if yes, how can I see that from a linux
   - While building initrd/initramfs, how are the things to be included into
   the image chosen.

Thanks in advance.

P.S. If this is not the right place to post the question, could you please
point a more appropriate list.

Prashant Batra
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