[klibc] klibc 1.5.23 release

maximilian attems max at stro.at
Tue Jun 14 08:22:40 PDT 2011

This release features a dash sync to latest dash git (We continue in the
tradition of providing the freshest dash), porter fixes for arm Debian and
ppc64 Ubuntu. To the utils got added a minimal mv, so that /run initramfs
content can be moved to the real rootfs.

The shortlog is dominated by dash commits, plus usual minimal fixes.

git repository:
git web:
Thanks a lot for all your contributions, belows shortlog tells the longer

Brian Koropoff (2):
      [klibc] [SHELL] Port to AIX
      [klibc] [SHELL] Port to Solaris

Gerrit Pape (4):
      [klibc] [EVAL] Fix command -- crash
      [klibc] [EVAL] Don't clear eflag in evalbackcmd
      [klibc] [EVAL] Check exit for eval NSUBSHELL
      [klibc] [INPUT] Use exit status 127 when the script to run does not     exist

Harald van Dijk (2):
      [klibc] [EVAL] Let funcnode refer to a function definition, not its     first command
      [klibc] [SHELL] Improve LINENO support

Herbert Xu (22):
      [klibc] [VAR] Add localvars nesting
      [klibc] [VAR] Fix poplocalvar leak
      [klibc] [VAR] Move unsetvar functionality into setvareq
      [klibc] [VAR] Replace cmdenviron with localvars
      [klibc] [VAR] Fix poplocalvar on abnormal exit from function
      [klibc] [VAR] Do not poplocalvars prematurely on regular utilities
      [klibc] [REDIR] Move null redirect checks into caller
      [klibc] [REDIR] Fix popredir on abnormal exit from built-in
      [klibc] [JOBS] Fix wait regression where it does not wait for all     jobs
      [klibc] [BUILTIN] Continue after EINTR in read(1) with no pending     signals
      [klibc] [VAR] Fix loss of variables when hash collides
      [klibc] [EVAL] Removed dead code for eval NPIPE
      [klibc] [EXPAND] Fix ifsfirst/ifslastp leak
      [klibc] [BUILTIN] Fix trailing field bug in read(1)
      [klibc] [BUILTIN] Fix EXEXEC status clobbering
      [klibc] [EXPAND] Fix ifsfirst/ifslastp leak in casematch
      [klibc] [EVAL] Fixed trap/return regression due to SKIPEVAL removal
      [klibc] [ERROR] Allow the originator of EXERROR to set the exit     status
      [klibc] [EXPAND] Free IFS state in evalbackcmd
      [klibc] [BUILTIN] Fix CTLESC clobbering by read(1)
      [klibc] [BUILTIN] Fix backslash handling in read(1)
      [klibc] [PARSER] Fix clobbering of checkkwd

Jilles Tjoelker (5):
      [klibc] [EVAL] Force fork if any trap is set, not just on EXIT
      [klibc] [EXPAND] Fix corruption of redirections with byte 0x81
      [klibc] [VAR] Fix varinit ordering that broke fc
      [klibc] [REDIR] Replace GPL noclobberopen code with the FreeBSD     version
      [klibc] [EXPAND] Do not split the result of tilde expansion

Jonathan Nieder (5):
      [klibc] [BUILTIN] Use EXEXIT in place of EXEXEC
      [klibc] [BUILTIN] Stop documenting EXSHELLPROC
      [klibc] [BUILTIN] Dotcmd should exit with zero when doing nothing
      [klibc] [EXPAND] Free IFS state after here document expansion
      [klibc] [DEBUG] Use va_copy when reusing a va_list

Konstantinos Margaritis (1):
      [klibc] arm: use conditional assignments for CPU_{ARCH,TUNE}

Maciej Żenczykowski (1):
      [klibc] [SIGNAL] Mark status as volatile in exitshell

Matthias Klose (1):
      [klibc] ppc64: Fix build failure with stricter as

maximilian attems (7):
      [klibc] 1.5.22 released, next version is 1.5.23
      [klibc] [JOBS] Debug compile fix
      [klibc] dash merge update
      [klibc] limits.h define LLONG_MIN, LLONG_MAX and ULLONG_MAX
      [klibc] nfsmount: free rem_name on errors
      [klibc] utils add minimal mv
      [klibc] strndup(): Fix possible null pointer dereference

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