[klibc] ipconfig problem if multiple devices are up

Ulrich Dangel uli at spamt.net
Sun Mar 27 17:11:03 PDT 2011

* Jeremy Jackson wrote [28.03.11 01:13]:
>> it seems that ipconfig has a problem if multiple devices are up and
>> connected to the same network. It seems that it uses the wrong
>> socket/device index to compare it to incoming packet. To be more
>> precise, the packet gets discarded in do_pkt_recv as the ifindex from
>> state differs always from the incoming packet
> I wonder if Linux's default ARP behaviour of being somewhat promiscuous  
> is involved?  You could try /proc/sys/net/ipv4/conf/all/arp_announce or  
> arp_accept?

No,it is a bug in ipconfig, as pump works without a problem.

I just fixed the bug, the problem is that the packet_peek looks on all
packets instead of packets on the specific interface and the return
value (ret) was never reset. I'll send two different patches for fixing
the problem, an easy one just reseting the ret variable and another
little bit more complex one adjusting the packet_peek and

Thanks for looking into my issue,
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