[klibc] klibc 1.5.22 release

maximilian attems max at stro.at
Wed May 18 01:59:58 PDT 2011

The new release combines several ipconfig fixes: one for server usage
on boxes with multiple connected network devices, a security fix for
escaping the written sh snippet and code path clarifications.
This release also saw arm porting fixes originating from Ubuntu.
>From Gentoo comes a klcc enhancement.

git repository:

git web:

Thanks a lot for all your contributions, belows shortlog tells the longer


Gilles Espinasse (1):
      [klibc] Very minor various typo fixes

Greg Thelen (1):
      [klibc] Makefile: Remove .config directory dependency

Loïc Minier (1):
      [klibc] arm: Fix build failure with latest binutils

Mikael Pettersson (1):
      [klibc] Use <stdarg.h> features in open() and openat()

Mike Pagano (1):
      [klibc] klcc support the gcc parameter --param

Ulrich Dangel (4):
      [klibc] ipconfig: Only peek and discard packets from specified device.
      [klibc] ipconfig: Remove packet_peek and adjusted packet_rcv as well as process_receive_event.
      [klibc] ipconfig: Ignore configured devices in process_recieve_event.
      [klibc] ipconfig: Escape DHCP options written to /tmp/net-$DEVCICE.conf

maximilian attems (7):
      [klibc] 1.5.21 released, next version is 1.5.22
      [klibc] Cleanup various trailing whitespaces
      [klibc] Cleanup useless empty lines at file ending
      Revert "[klibc] Use <stdarg.h> features in open() and openat()"
      [klibc] ipconfig: comment new escape function
      [klibc] arm: use bx on thumb2 (v3)
      [klibc] arm: no usage of ARM_VALID_IMM() anymore

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