[klibc] [PATCH 0/2 v3] mkstemp() and m68k support

Michael Schmitz schmitzmic at googlemail.com
Sat Jan 28 19:11:06 PST 2012

> after a year, I decided to hack on klibc again. I’ve reworked
> both the patch to add mkstemp(), discussing to use AT_RANDOM
> as cheap entropy source on IRC (if there will ever be another
> entropy consumer, I can quickly write a minimal arc4random()
> seeded from it, as it has only 16 octets), capable of making
> a working mksh (static and shared) on amd64/xen, and the m68k
> support code, leading to (also, static and shared) mksh on it
> iff compiled with -g (let’s say, GCC is the culprit).
> The two patches _should_ follow (still not 100% sure how to
> feed them to sendmail and ensure they end up with the right
You appear to have failed. Care to post it to your p.d.o page?

(I've never tried talking to sendmail directly except for low level 
testing - you'll have to manually prepare a valid mail message with the 
attachments embedded for that to work I guess. That's what mutt and 
friends are for)
> recipients) and are independent from each other (but for an
> mksh on m68k, you obviously need both).
> Cc the Linux/m68k arch list for the m68k patch, to review.
> (When this works I’m probably going to build mksh-static on
> dietlibc-less Debian architectures against klibc, pending
> testing on those platforms of course; the eglibc one is huge.)
Good luck with that.



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