[klibc] To build klibc against kernel 3.4.3

Cao, Da-Shi (EG-Presales-ZTE/HW-GZ) thomas-ds.cao at hp.com
Wed Jun 27 04:22:52 PDT 2012

I have just complete a built by applying this minor modification. Maybe you can have a try. My klibc version is klibc-2.0.
It can be built, but I'm not sure if it will bring in some other issues into klibc! 
I have had the idea to build against the exported headers, but I hesitated and tried to have deeper look into it instead.


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Cao, Da-Shi (EG-Presales-ZTE/HW-GZ) dixit:

>It seems that a minor modification to usr/klibc/arch/$(ARCH)/MCONFIG
>is needed to build klibc successfully against kernel version 3.4.3. At
>lease the arch "arm" and "x86_64" have this issue. It is because that
>some include files are under "generated/asm/" in addition to "asm/".

From IRC discussion, it is clear that you cannot build klibc against
the in-tree headers but must build it against the exported headers
made my installing the headers from Linux instead. (IIUC)

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