[klibc] [klibc:master] klcc.1: document -nostdinc

klibc-bot for maximilian attems max at stro.at
Tue May 22 12:36:02 PDT 2012

Commit-ID:  5ef98b5f6014bf592535e146ed3de3318b778621
Gitweb:     http://git.kernel.org/?p=libs/klibc/klibc.git;a=commit;h=5ef98b5f6014bf592535e146ed3de3318b778621
Author:     maximilian attems <max at stro.at>
AuthorDate: Tue, 22 May 2012 21:28:42 +0200
Committer:  maximilian attems <max at stro.at>
CommitDate: Tue, 22 May 2012 21:28:42 +0200

[klibc] klcc.1: document -nostdinc

Needed it to have a chance making efilinux compile,
due to a funny exit() redefinition.

Signed-off-by: maximilian attems <max at stro.at>

 klcc/klcc.1 |    3 +++
 1 files changed, 3 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-)

diff --git a/klcc/klcc.1 b/klcc/klcc.1
index e91a74c..0186931 100644
--- a/klcc/klcc.1
+++ b/klcc/klcc.1
@@ -71,6 +71,9 @@ to compile without any optimization whatsoever; this may not work depending
 on the version of
 .B gcc
+.B \-nostdinc
+allows to turn off klibc include files.
 Use the
 .B \-shared

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