[klibc] klibc issues on armhf (not Debian/armel)

Thorsten Glaser tg at mirbsd.de
Sun May 27 07:34:00 PDT 2012

maximilian attems dixit:

>I don't know if klibc-utils provided binaries do work on armhf?

In this case, sh and sh.shared don’t work on armhf, either with
or without thumb. The Debian package builds without thumb.

>(there is a bug report for tegra, but that maybe very specific)

No, that isn’t it.

>not sure that klibc picks those up?

I built klibc with those very same flags on harris, yes. (And
added CONFIG_KLIBC_THUMB=y just to see whether that helps.)

The problem is that “random” pointers suddenly contain NULL,
and that some code is apparently not run despite being in
between oder two codes that are run. Also, setjmp() seems to
exhibit issues.

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