[klibc] Compilation errors

Peter Christy christy at attglobal.net
Mon Nov 12 09:25:22 PST 2012

OK, starting to get somewhere now, but still not out of the woods......

In the traditional Slackware fashion, I'm using a build-script, originally 
found on slacky.eu (IIRC!)

This included the lines:

KERNEL=${KERNEL:-$(uname -r)}


KLIBCKERNELSRC=/lib/modules/$KERNEL/source make install INSTALLROOT=$PKG

Now when I compiled my kernel, I added my initials as a suffix (-pc), which (of 
course!) uname -r wasn't picking up! So, you were quite right about the kernel 
headers! Mea culpa!

I amended the script to correct this, but the compilation still fails, this 
time with:

/tmp/SBo/klibc-2.0.2/usr/klibc/../include/errno.h:9:23: fatal error: 
asm/errno.h: No such file or directory

I tried it again, replacing the links to the source with your suggested link:

KLIBCKERNELSRC=`pwd`/../linux/usr/ make install INSTALLROOT=$PKG

but it still failed with the same error.

So I did a locate errno.h, and got this:


Note that last line! It looks as if - again - klibc is looking in the wrong 
place for files, just as it did with unistd_64.h

The kernels I'm using are bog standard ones, downloaded from kernel.org, which 
means they haven't got any "tweaks" that are often applied by some distros. 
Also, I'm running 64-bit, so I don't know if this makes a difference to where 
things go!

I'll have a go at tweaking the errno.h file in klibc to point to the right 
place and see if that helps. Just hope there aren't too many more like 


christy at attglobal.net

On Monday 12 Nov 2012 16:02:06 maximilian attems wrote:
> On Mon, Nov 12, 2012 at 02:48:39PM +0000, Peter Christy wrote:
> > my kernel source tree, but I'll double check...) but to follow your logic,
> > I need to know where you are starting from! Am I right that
> > KLIBCKERNELSRC should point to my kernel source tree? (In my case, this
> > is in
> > /usr/src/linux-3.6.3).
> [ /usr/src on a single user machine is a bit very oldstyle, use your $HOME
> aka ~/src ]
> and no it should point to the configured && installed headers as the make
> was implying.
> > Thanks for your help! Although I'm not a programmer, I do regularly
> > compile
> > stuff, and usually manage to sort myself out, but this time, I've got
> > confused!
> just follow step by step what I told you, it's the easiest way, especially
> if you don't want to dig those variables up. (;
> --
> maks

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