[klibc] Build problems: klibc with Linux 3.10.7

Thorsten Glaser tg at mirbsd.de
Thu Aug 22 11:30:29 PDT 2013

leroy christophe dixit:

> But I'm building a klibc/klcc for cross-compilation, and I don't need (and
> don't want) a powerpc klibc.so in /lib in the middle of all other i386 libs.

Of course you don’t. You’re just needing to set SHLIBDIR explicitly
for this specific use case.

> As I say above your answer, when I set prefix to /opt/klibc and SHLIBDIR to
> /opt/klibc/lib, the target tried to load klibc.so from /opt/klibc/lib instead
> of /lib

That’s correct of course, except…

> But ok, I found the way to achieve what I need. I need to do in two steps:
> 1) make prefix=/opt/klibc
> 2) make INSTALLROOT=/opt/klibc prefix=/ install

… ah. Like that.

So you want klibc to be installed in /opt/klibc on both host and target
*except* the shared library which you want in /lib on target only? How
perverted is that? What kind of magic do you expect here?

Common setup would be to either expect the shlib in /opt/klibc/lib on
the target either or to install into a DESTDIR. I suggest that, unless
you can change your requirements:

if d=$(mktemp -d /opt/klibc.XXXXXXXXXX); then
	set -e
	make prefix=/opt/klibc
	make INSTALLROOT="$d" prefix=/opt/klibc install
	mkdir -p /opt/klibc/lib
	mv "$d"/lib/klibc-*.so /opt/klibc/lib/
	mv "$d"/opt/klibc/* /opt/klibc/*
	rm -rf "$d"
	set +e
	echo >&2 'E: Cannot create temporary directory!'

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