[klibc] headers_install

Bill Pringlemeir bpringlemeir at nbsps.com
Thu Jan 10 15:45:29 PST 2013

On 10 Jan 2013, bpringlemeir at nbsps.com wrote:

>> hpa at zytor.com wrote:
>> We should figure out why the output of "make headers_install" doesn't
>> work, and fix it.
> Here is another guy,
> https://github.com/daveho/EasySandbox/blob/master/klibc-build.txt
> Anyways, I found that passing a relative path for $(INSTALLROOT) is a
> disaster.  The build doesn't fail if you do this...

Sorry, I hadn't read the whole list from November.  

There are two sets of advice on how to compile,

 1. 'make help'
 2. 'README' -> '/usr/klibc/README.klibc'

I see advice to set 'KLIBCKERNELSRC' to a target of a 'make
headers_install' from linux on the mailing list.  See the 'Compilation
errors' thread at,


Obviously the 'make -C <header_path>' is not going to work.  Why are we
making a symlink to 'headers_install' and then going to run the same
make command again to generate the same files in a different place?

Can't we just do a 'cp' if the KLIBCKERNELSRC is already a
'headers_install' version?  Maybe the Kbuild.install should check for a
'Makefile' in KLIBCKERNELSRC and if it exists, do the 'headers_install'
or else just do a 'cp'.  At the very least a check for a Makefile and a
warning might be good to stop people pointing the build to the wrong

Currently the 'make help' says,

  KLIBCKERNELSRC - Path to a configured linux tree

I think that text should change?  This implies a kernel source tree as
does the make variable name.

Bill Pringlemeir.

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