[klibc] [PATCH] add mips64 support

Dejan Latinovic Dejan.Latinovic at imgtec.com
Mon Jul 14 05:24:15 PDT 2014

I apologize for a late response.

I have crated a new version of patch with mips64 support for klibc.

Here are some changes:
- archsetjmp.h has been reduced.
- Symbolic register names are fixed (asm.h).
- Some not needed parts were removed.
- crt0.S is fixed to work properly for both shared and static apps.
- setjmp.S has  been reduced.
- Some part are used from mips, to avoid coping over (klibc.ld).

This patch is tested with debian klibc version 2.0.3-1 and
with last klibc version from:

All created binaries are successfully run.
Al tests from ./usr/klibc/tests are successfully run.

Any suggestions are welcome.
I could provide any additional info if needed.

The patch is attached.

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