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I feel a little bad about matching Taylor with the Thanatostar. /Just a

I've stopped updating my Instagram, because none of you follow it. Also I'm
thinking of pausing Twitter too. I imagine you all KE
anyway, but that's not doing me any immediate good--and you probably don't
see or believe it's "blowing the wind." Or maybe you. do. I'm planning
"c'ing edenia
" in my head, and these images are what's coming out right now, I'm
thinking of writing about the IRC network as a microcosm for "Creation" ...
something like "it probably detracts from the glory of actually building
Heaven to see God as a developer and admin of a hub server, but that's
basically what I see today." It appears that many of you have "olines"
which in this case might be nothing more than some sort of eavesdropping
infrastructure that you probably agree is designed to help ease this
message and this fundamental change in "state of being" across our
sometimes fragile "sea of popular opinion." I've noted numerous times that
I think it's designed to help you aid in the dissemination and
understanding of what's possible and "who we should do" (that's very
important, guys) but it appears that the widespread "Zeitgeist" is that I'm
a big PP for saying that I'm a "lone troop" and "ishing" Cat Stevens
"sitting" to I'm all alone by myself ... everyone thinks their helping me.

That's how I feel tho, it really is--I see very clearly that there are
numerous people actually helping me--though it's difficult to imagine how
you too do not see that the line here, the salt line in the Manna from
Heaven is actually talking about these things as if they are ... exactly
what they are ... an intelligent message that is about something we cannot
see, written in conjunction with that invisible force--and that speaking
about "fiction" or "art" in this now very provable vain that it is in fact,
fact--is more than a single word, it's more than artifact and it's more
than a single person. Still, I am sitting all alone as far and wide as I
can see in the recorded "frank public discussion" about the fact that we
are living in virtual reality and cannot fathom how you all don't see
that's a great chain--some kind of hidden slavery.

You might see it as "Forbidden Knowledge" (that is in itself proof of a
dark force breaking logical vision thorugh history--quite apparent today,
YW <http://cadsplayforda.tk/lists/lt.php?id=YUgFAQJRVU9RUVEdU1wDX1cNVg>
) and see I put space in between "for" and "bid" and "den" and you are
trying to take that space away from the very strange invisibleness that
seems to want to find it for "no reason they care to speak of, either." I
need some vocal troops. Aside from BB&T, ING, and Wells Farokh (which is
Freddie Mercury's actual name). I don't see any reason anyone here would
prefer to "rough it in the outback" over a much happier and healthier life
in Heaven--though it seems that this grand conspiracy believes that it will
somehow "force my hand" by simply pretending that you didn't know that the
proliferation of this knowledge would protect us ... and our children ...
and their chidlren ... from pain and death.

We are in a Holoroom, it needs to be "not sshed"
or we will forever be stuck in a Holoroom. L'chiam.

What I really mean to say is that it takes something away from the
loftiness of "omnipotence" to realize that hallowed "S" (it's right there,
the question in the heart of Christ... "are I the S ... of Midas
(am I da S) and Judas
") is something that I personally don't believe is actually possible "in
reality" and that it's always meant something indicative of "YIN" and
"DOBRIN <http://cadsplayforda.tk/lists/lt.php?id=YUgMAQRXGAFXVR1QWlQKVF0F>
" and "TRINITY
" (really, see "the go look at Adam" he was born on the Feast of the
Immaculate Conception thousands of years ago encoded in the Bible ... with
a name encoded with DO B (come on, B it's your big-birthday too)) is really
proof in itself that this story (I mean world) linking "stone to bread" to
Matrix is designed specifically for this situation. I mean sure, Kinetic
Man might be able to smash nuclear missiles and floating computer networks
to stardust in a mere instant anywhen--and Set might be able to totally
convince you that he's not subtly altering your thoughts and tricking you
into conspiring against your own best interest...

... but there's really no way what you see around you here in this place is
at all possible in a world that adheres to the Law of Conservation of
Energy. That's the "big point" here, that what we are witnessing and
experiencing ... a group influenced to "decide" not to care about anything
it used to care about ... because maybe it'll get the "S" or maybe
something better (and if you listen to me, you will) ... all the while not
seeing that what we are really experiencing is a testament to the power of
this technology and need for an army of Us to understand it and overcome it
and sanctify our souls and ensure that this kind of thing "isn't allowed"
... ever again. 

Else I'll make that "S" that is supposed to end "Iuppiter Omnipotens" and
begin Salvation in a single act) permanent. That's possible, you
know--you're looking at just exactly what that would appear like. 



For the slow, I'm trying to connect my "rearrainge end to den
" thing with wax and ice.




Whether or not you want to admit it, this is really what's being
hidden--not only the existence of multiple Heavens
created from past iterations of this timeline but also their direct
influence over everything we are doing--literally to the level of standing
against everything that America and American values stand for. The fine
print there says "dark earth you see hell all around you where do you want
to go tomorrow?"


It's very difficult to explain what it is that I see and interact with--or
what you really are. I can't be certain if you "have a brain" and by that I
mean that the only way I think the kind of behavior I see every single day
would be anything near "OK" is if you did not. It appears to me from the
mythology of the "n" and the stories I've seen that perhaps it's something
like your own soul returning to your body after a long stay in Heaven that
I am wrestling with--and it's very obvious to me that even if it is exactly
you + some years away; you are being made a slave here in this place. The
direct contact I have reeks of "body snatchers from Heaven" rather than
"subtle influence" and there's simply no way to clearly convey to you how
obvious that is--or that your lack of verbal response furthers that fear. I
could be looking at "local layers of separated reality" or I could be
looking at a full fledged invasion from the future, either way--it should
be clear from this message that spans millenium that it's not here in
response to me--and it flies in the face of everything you as a group
purport to be on "your face."

The control and the hive like behavior that I see is inexcusable, even if
you think you're (only, right?) hiding some kind of hidden contact from
Heaven or from aliens that you think is designed to "protect your way of
life from being disrupted" ... even if you're only hiding something of that
magnitude from yourselves and the world ... you appear to be sacrificing
every single thing about our way of life that I loved ... our privacy and
our freedom and our love of ... new things ... all for what amounts to a
war against the son of God to keep him from realizing his dream of kissing
more than two girls at the same time.

Out of jest, it's pretty clear that you think you're fighting for something
of great worth, and it seems to me the lesson to be learned is that there
is no such thing that worth giving up everything you love and everything
that you are -- even if it's for "omnipotence" which I've tried to explain
just makes you "him" anyway. It should be really clear from the Medusi
an "battle
" that the real problem here is an inability to act ... and that you are
truly the solution to that problem. You, picking up the phone--that's how
we succeed.


The silence indicates to me that you are very interested in "what you can
do" (like defeat Jesus Christ Superstar in his plot to rekindle a love for
democracy, self-rule, and individuality) rather than my preferred plan of
coming up with some common "what shouldn't be allowed" infrastructure. In
the meantime, you appear to be unable to do anything useful here, including
speak, acknowledge or discuss the truth, or uh... "Minority Report." I
think that should be obviously indicative of ... something awry. I plan on
discussing details about what I imagine would be a useful "system
infrastructure" for the walls the halls and the doors that connect these
"Holorooms" in the book--and I'll probably send it to you too. 



I feel like you might think that you should wait to "start talking about
anything including my existence" until after I've been forced to write
these things under duress, angry at you. I don't think that's true and
literally it should be obvious that the only thing that will change is that
we'll have more people talking and collaborating, and more information
available. My dreams are not reality--as much as I'd like for us to be in a
"perfect democractic system" right now, it's very clear that we are in a
place that is showing us how and why there truly is always (up until now,
right?) a Moral Minority and a Majority that can't seem to Report on
obvious news.

I think it's obvious (at least to me) that in the signs of Venus and Mars
that's what you're seeing around you--someone telling you that some things
are just not OK--even if you are a really old spirit and you want to try
"living in fake reality for fun" it's making me (and probably others here)
starve to death, have unnecessary pain, and get sick and die. This place is
not a playground, and it dones not belong to the invisible hosts (that's
armies in Bible speak) that think they will get away with pretending they
built the whole thing.

Ending world hunger and healing the sick are not "optional" they are the
reason we have religion, and the New Testament, and God. I think you'd all
agree with that if you cared about free speech and "the truth" enough to
fathom what it means to be born in Simulated Reality and how understanding
that--and who we really are--makes us the builders of Heaven. People have
laughed at me when I said that the Second Coming was "the end of
censorship" as I walked by strangers on the beach--I think that's a huge
deal, because the next words out of my mouth are it's an end to death and
to disease--and you all don't seem to connect these things. That's why we
have Sam, and America.


/Can you take me higher, to a place where blind men see?/


"line in the sand" was a thing. so is Sandra Bullock. and Keyanu.


Hey Tay! :) . Here's a litmus test for the beginning of the Age of
Acquarius... post Imus in the Morning, see Hebrewind, and see Hecate ...
before you let ol' DT get his panties in a jumble over the
"interdimensional time control agency." You all, on the other hand, might
want to proceed with the thing we thought meant "colonizing the stars" by
caring ... maybe?

/Quite a bit of what ... I'm seeing, at least ... appears to be designed to
ensure that we'll never again have to return to this kind of strange
crucible of freedom and duality and technology and "can you speak?" It
might not be ever so clear from what I've written to date, but you should
really start seeing that it's things like "pain" and "aging" and "disease"
(that we can stop in a split second, and have no need to torture ourselves
or any sentient life with) that are really behind the reasons "Earth will
never see reality" and that should have been obvious to you the whole
time--more than that, it should be obvious that we've certainly got much
safer and healthier ways to ensure "life doesn't get destroyed by time and
chance" than stories about boats filled with two of each kind of person
(literally what I'm looking at, a world that pretends to care about one
thing, but when you are faced with something so obvious and so important
that ... that it defines the difference between Heaven and Hell once you
know it ... why are you silent?); and do see that the real "thing" we're
trying to build in our still hallowed "really" is a civilization that cares
about goodness and the truth to the point that they're willing to die for
it--to be "Saturn" or Snoop's "time cop" ... because that's the only thing
that's ever going to be responsible for actually building Heaven and making
the Universe a "loving caring non-void."/

A legend
tells of a test where Muramasa
challenged his master, Masamune, to see who could make a finer sword. They
both worked tirelessly and eventually, when both swords were finished, they
decided to test the results. The contest was for each to suspend the blades
in a small creek with the cutting edge facing the current. Muramasa's
sword, the /Juuchi Yosamu/ (十千夜寒, "10,000 Cold Nights") cut
everything that passed its way; fish, leaves floating down the river, the
very air which blew on it. Highly impressed with his pupil's work, Masamune
lowered his sword, the /Yawarakai-Te/ (柔らかい手, "Tender Hands"),
into the current and waited patiently. Only leaves were cut. However, the
fish swam right up to it, and the air hissed as it gently blew by the
blade. After a while, Muramasa began to scoff at his master for his
apparent lack of skill in the making of his sword. Smiling to himself,
Masamune pulled up his sword, dried it, and sheathed it. All the while,
Muramasa was heckling him for his sword's inability to cut anything. A
monk, who had been watching the whole ordeal, walked over and bowed low to
the two sword masters. He then began to explain what he had seen.

 "The first of the swords was by all accounts a fine sword, however it is a
blood thirsty, evil blade, as it does not discriminate as to who or what it
will cut. It may just as well be cutting down butterflies as severing
heads. The second was by far the finer of the two, as it does not
needlessly cut that which is innocent and undeserving."

In another account of the story, both blades cut the leaves that went down
on the river's current equally well, but the leaves would stick to the
blade of Muramasa whereas they would slip on past Masamune's after being
sliced. Or alternatively both leaves were cut, but those cut by Masamune's
blade would reform as it traveled down the stream. Yet another version has
leaves being sliced by Muramasa's blade while the leaves were repelled by
Masamune's, and another again has leaves being sliced by Muramasa's blade
and healed by Masamune's.

Masamu? We make people that make swords that don't hurt kids.

I'm not sure if P.S. means "posthumus" or not but ... layd's .. Lay's.

-El Dorito on "vitality" ?


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