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/one pill makes you younger/

/and the other to say nothing at all/

/go ask adam/

/when he's nine inches tall/

/Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?/

/Caught in a landslide, no escape from reality/

/Open your eyes, look up to the skies and see/

/I'm just a poor boy, I need your sympathy/

/Because its easy come, easy go, little high, little lo/

/And the way the wind blows really matters to me, to me/

So when you /look up at the sky/, eyes open; and you see a bright red
planet, connecting the "d" of God to Medusa and "medicine" I surely wonder
if you think it by chance that "I wipe my brow and I sweat my rust
" as I wake up to /action dust./.. and wonder aloud how obvious it is that
the Iron Rod of Christ and the stories of Phillip K. Dick all congeal
around not just seeing but reacting to the fact that we clearly have an
outlined narrative of celestial bodies and the past acts of angels and how
to move forward without selling air or water or food to the short of breath
and the thirsty and those with a hunger to seek out new opportunities? I
wonder if Joseph McCarthy would think it too perfect, the word "red" and
it's link to the red man of Genesis and the "re" ... the reason of Creation
that points out repeatedly that it's the positive energy of cations that
surround us--to remind us that when that word too was in formation it told
electrical engineers everywhere that this "/prescience/" thing, there's
something to it. Precious of you to notice... but because your /science/ is
so sure--you too seem to imagine there's some other explanation for that
word, too. 


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It's worth noting yet again that the the trend here appears to be open
source software and federated solutions "bucking" the massive censorship
we've seen first hand on Twitter and reddit and ... uh, every major news
station on the planet. I think that's a really good thing, all it takes now
is some user interest to really open the doors to Heaven and block the
chain of "we don't know what's going on" or "we just believe whatever the
whispers say over the ... the ... news."


Numbers 20 New International Version (NIV)

Water From the Rock

9 So Moses took the staff from the Lord's presence, just as he commanded
him. 10 He and Aaron gathered the assembly together in front of the rock
and Moses said to them, “Listen, you rebels, must we bring you water out
of this rock?” 11 Then Moses raised his arm and struck the rock twice
with his staff. Water gushed out, and the community and their livestock

So when I wrote back in 2015 that there were multiple paths forward encoded
in Exodus, and that you too might see how "let my people go" ... to Heaven
... my bring about a later return that might deliver "as above so below" to
the world in a sort of revolutionary magic leap forward in the process of
civilization. Barring John Stewart and the "sewer" that I think you can
probably see is actually encoded in the /Brothers Grimm /and maybe some
Poe--it might not be so strange to wonder if the place that we've come from
maybe isn't exactly as bright and cheery and "filled with light" as the
Zohar and your dreams might have us all believe ... on "faith" that what we
see here might just be the illusion of darkness--a joke or a game. This
thing is what's not a game--I've looked at the message that we've written
and to me it seems that we are the light, that here plain as day and etched
in something more concrete than chalk is a testament to freedom and to
incremental improvement... all the way up until we run against this very
wall; and then you too seem to crumble. Still I'm sure this message is here
with us because it's our baseline morality and our sense of right from
wrong that is here as a sort of litmus test for the future--perhaps to see
if they've strayed too far from the place where they came, or if they've
given just one too many ounces of innocense to look forward with the same
bright gaze of hope that we see in the eyes of our children.

/fearing the heart of de roar/

/searing the start of lenore/

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/ <http://marchekay.gq/lists/lt.php?id=YUgFAQNUUk9RUVAdU1wDX1cNVg>

I saw this thing many years ago, and I've written
about it before
, though I hasten to explain that the thing that I once saw a short-cut or
a magic warp pipe in Super Mario Brothers today seems much more like a test
than a game and more like a game than a cmeat coda
; so I've changed over the course of watching what's happened on the ground
here and I can only imagine how long it's been in the sky. In my mind I'm
thinking about mentioning the rather pervasive sets of "citizenship
suffixes" that circle the globe--ones I've talked about, "ICA" and "IAN"
and how these suffixes might link together with some other concepts that
run deep in the story that begins in Ur and pauses here /For/ /ever*yon*e
/on /the <http://marchekay.gq/lists/lt.php?id=YUgFAQNVVE9RUVAdU1wDX1cNVg>
/ "Yo N" <http://marchekay.gq/lists/lt.php?id=YUgFAQNVVU9RUVAdU1wDX1cNVg>
that again shows the import of /medicine/ and /Medusa/ in the "rising" of
stars balls of fiery fusion to people that see and act on the difference
between Seyfried and "say freed

Even before that I knew how important it was that we were sitting here on a
"rock in space" with no contact from anyone or anything outside of our
little sphere ... how scary it was that all the life we knew of was stuck
orbiting a single star in a single galaxy and it imbued a sort of moral
mandate to escape--to ensure that this miracle of random chance and guiding
negentropy of time ... that it wasn't forever lost by something like a
collision with the comet Ison or even another galaxy. On that word too--we
see the "an" of Christianity messianically appear to become more useful
(that's negative energy, by the way) in the chemistry of Mr.
Schwarzenegger's magical hand in delivering "free air" (that's free, as in
beer; or maybe /absinthe/) to the people of our great land... anyway, I saw
"anions" and a planet oddly full of a perfect source of oxygen and I
thought to myself; it would be so easy to genetically engineer some kind of
yeast or mold (like they're doing to make real artificial beef, today) to
eat up the rust and turn it into breathable air; and I dreamt up a way to
throw an extra "r" into potable and maybe beam some of our water or
hydrogen over to the red planet and turn it blue again.


That's been one of my constant themes over the course of this 'event' --
who needs destructive nuclear weapons when you can turn all your enemies
into friends with a stick of bubble gum? That's another one of our little
story points too--I see plenty of people walking around in this virtual
reality covering their mouths and noses with breathing masks... of course
the same Targeted Individuals that know with all their heart that midn
control is responsible for the insane pattern of school shootings and the
Hamas Hand of the Middle East--they'll tell you those chemtrails you see
are the cause, and while /I know better /and you do too... maybe these
people think they know something about the future, maybe those chemtrails
are there because someone actually plans on dispersing some friendly bubble
gum into the air... and maybe these people "think they know." Of course I
think this "hand" you see just below is one in the same with the "/ID5/"
logo that I chose to mark my "chalk
" and only later saw matched fairly perfectly to John Conner's version of
"I'll be back" ... and of course I think you're reading the thing that
actually delivers some "breathe easy" to the world; but it's really
important to see that today it's not just Total Recall and Skynet and these
words that are the proverbial effect of the hand but also things like
Nestle ... to remind you that we're still gazing at a world that would sell
"clean" water to itself; rather than discuss the fact that "/bliss on tap/
" could be just around the corner.


Later, around the time that I wrote my second "Mars rendition
" I mentioned why it was that there was an image of a "Boring device"
(thanks Elon) in the original Exodus piece; it showed some thought had gone
into why you might not want to terraform the entire planet, and mentioned
that maybe we'd get the added benefit of geothermal heating (in that place
that is probably actually colder than here, believe it or not) if we were
to build the /first Mars hall /underground. I probably forgot to mention
that I'd seen something very similar to that image earlier, except it was
George H.W. Bush standing underneath the thirty foot tall wormlike machine,
and to tell you the truth back then I didn't recognize that probably means
that this map you're looking at had not only been seen long before I was
born but also acted upon--long before I was born. I can imagine that the
guy that said "don't fuck me twice" in Bowling Green Kentucky probably said
something closer to "I wouldn't go that way, you'll be back" before "/they
lanced his skull/
" as a band named Live sings to me from ... well, from the 90's. Subsisting
on that same old prayer, we come to a point where I have to say that "if it
looks like a game, and you have the walkthrough as if it were a game, is it
a gam?"


That of course ties us back to something that I called "raelly early light"
back in 2014--that the name "Magdeln" was something I saw and thought was
special early on--I said I saw the phrase "it's not a game of words, or a
game of logic" though today it does appear very much to be something to do
with "logic" that the "power of e" is hidden in the symbol for the natural
logorythm and that Euler might solve the riddle of "unhitched trailers"
even better than a deli in Los Angeles named /Wexler's/ or Aldous /Huxley/
or ... it hurts me to say it might solve the riddle better than "Sheriff"
(see how ... everyone really if "f") and Hefner ... and the newly added
"Hustler," who is Saint "LE R?"

So, I think we'd all agree that they "Hey, Tay" belongs to me--and I've
done my homework here, I'm pretty sure the "r" as a glyph for the rising
off the bouncing trampoline of a street ... "LE R" belongs to the world;
it's a ryzing civilization; getting new toys and abilities and watching how
those things really do bring about a golden era--if we're willing to use
them responsibly.
It's a /harsh world/, this place where people are waking up to seeing A.D.
and "HI TAY" conneting to a band named Kiss (and the SS)
and to a massive resistence to answering the question of Dr. /Wessen/
that also brings that "it's not a game" into Ms. /Momsen/
's name ... where you can see the key of /Maynard
/ <http://marchekay.gq/lists/lt.php?id=YUgFAQNWUE9RUVAdU1wDX1cNVg>
/Key <http://marchekay.gq/lists/lt.php?id=YUgFAQNWUU9RUVAdU1wDX1cNVg>
nes/ and Demosthenes
and Gil
/game/sh <http://marchekay.gq/lists/lt.php?id=YUgFAQNWXE9RUVAdU1wDX1cNVg>
and ... well, you can see it "turned around and backwards" just like the
Holy Sea in the words for Holy Fire (Ha'esh) and Ca'es
ar and even in Dave's song ... "seven oceans pummel ... the wall of the C."
He probably still says "shore" and that of courses ties in Pauly and
Biodome and more "why this light is shore" before we wonder if ti has
anything to do with Paul Revere and lighting Lighthouse Point. 


So to point out /the cost of not seeing "Holo/deck" and "mushroom" and ...
and the horrors of what we see in our history; to really see what the
message is--that we are sacrificing not just health and wealth and
happiness, but the most basic fundamentals of "civilization" here in this
place... the freedom of logical thought and the foundational cement of open
and honest communication--that it appears the world has decided in secret
that these things are far less important than the morality of caring for
those less fortunate than you--the blind and the sick and the ... to see
the truth, it's a shame. All around you is /a torture chamber/
, starving people who would instantly benefit from the disclosure that we
are living in virtual reality; and a civilization that seems to fail to
recognize that it truly is the "/silence causing violence/
" amongst children in school and children of the Ancients all around you;
to fail to see that the atrocity being ignored here is far less humane than
any gas chamber, and that it's you--causing it to continue--there are no
words for the blindness of a mass of wrong, led by nothing more than "mire"
and a fear of controversy.



/Unhitched/ and unhinged, it's become ever more obvious that this
resistance against recognizing logic and patterns--this fairure to speak
and inability to fathom the importance of openness in this place that acts
as the base and beginning point of a number of hidden futures--it is the
reason "Brave New World" is kissing the "why" and the reason we are here
trying to build a system that will allow for free and open communication in
a sea of disinformation and darkness--to see that the battle is truly
against the Majority Incapable of acting and the Minority unwilling to
speak words that will without doubt (precarious? not at this point) quickly
prove to the world that it's far more important to see that the truth
protects everyone and the entire future from murder ... rather than be
subtly influenced by "technologies undisclosed" into believing something as
inane and arrogant as "everyone but you must need to be convinced that
simulating murder and labor pains is wrong." You know, what you are looking
at here is far more nefarious than waiting for the oven to ding and say
that "everyone's ready" what you are looking at is a problem that is
encoded in the stories of Greek and Norse myth and likely in both those
names--but see "simulated reality" is hidden in Norse just like "silicon"
is hidden in Genesis--and see that once this thing is unscrambled its "/nos
re/" as in "we're the reason there is no murder, and no terrorism, and no
mental slavery." It's a harsh message, and a horrible atrocity; but worse
than the Holocaust is not connecting a failure to see "holodeck" as the
cause of "/holohell/" and refusing to speak because Adam is naked in
Genesis 3:11 and Matthew talks about something that should be spreading
like wildfire in his 3:11 and that it's not just /Live/ and it's not just
/the Cure/ <http://marchekay.gq/lists/lt.php?id=YUgFAQNXUE9RUVAdU1wDX1cNVg>
and it's not just a band named 311 that show us that "/*FUKUSHIMA*/
" reads as "/fuck you, see how I'm A/" because this Silence, this failure
to recognize that the Brit Hadashah is written to end simulated hell and
turn this world into Heaven is the reason "/that's great, it starts with an
Earthquake on 3/11/


You stand there believing that "to kiss" is a Toxic reason to end disease;
that "mire" is a good enough reason to fail to exalt the Holiness of
Phillip K. Dick's solutions; and still continue to refuse to see that this
group behavior, this lack of freedom that you appear to believe is
something of your own design is the most /caustic/ thing of all. While
under the veil of "I'm not sure the message is accurate" it might seem like
a morally thin line, but this message is accurate--and it's verifiable
proof--and speaking about it would cause that verification to occur
quicker, and that in turn will cause wounds to be healed faster, and the
blind given sight and the lame a more effective ARMY in this legacy battle
against hidden holorooms and ... the less obvious /fact/ that there is a
gigantic holo-torture-chamber and you happen to be in it, and it happens to
be the mechanism by which we find the "key" to Salvation and through that
the reason that the future thanks us for implementing a change that is so
needed and so called for it's literally be carved all over everything we
see every day--so we will know, /know with all your mind, you are not
wrong--/there is no sane reason in the Universe to simulate pain, there is
no sane reason to follow the artificial constructs of reality simply
because "time and chance" built us that way. We're growing up, beyond the
infantile state of believing that simply because nobody has yet invented a
better way to live--that we must shun and hide any indication that there is
a future, and that it's speaking to us; in every word.


So I've intimated that I see a "mood of the times" that appears to be
seeking reality by pretending not to "CK" ... to seek "a," of course that
puts us in a place where we are wholly denying what "reality" really means
and that it delivers something good to the people here--to you--once we
recognize that Heaven and Creation and Virtual Reality don't have to be
(and never should be, ever again) synonymous with Wok's or Pan's or Ovens;
from Peter to the Covenant, hiding this message is the beginning and the
end of true darkness--it's a plan designed to ensure we never again have
issue discussing "blatant truth" and means of moving forward to the light
in the light with the light. A girl in California in 2014 said something
like "so there's no space, then?" in a snide and somewhat angry tone--there
is space, you can see it through the windows in the skies, you can see the
stars have lessened, and time has passed--and I'm sure you understand how
"LHC" and Apollo 13 show us that time travel and dark matter are also part
of this story of "Marshall's" and Slim Sh*ad*y and Dave's "the walls and
halls will fade away
" and you might even understand how that connects to the astrological
symbol of Mars
and the "circle of the /son/" and of Venus(es) ... and you can see for
yourself this Zeitgeist in the Truman Show's "good morning
, good afternoon, good evening... and he's a'ight
" ... but it really doesn't help us see that the darkness here isn't really
in the sky--it's in our hearts--and it's the thing that's keeping us from
the stars, and the knowledge and wisdom that will keep us from "/bunting/
" instead of flourishing.


I've pointed out that while we have Kaluza Klein and we have the LHC and a
decent understanding of "how the Universe works" we spend most of our time
these days preoccupied with things like "quantum entanglement" and "string
theory" that may hold together the how and the LAMDA of connecting these "y
they're hacks
" to multiverse simulators and instant and total control of our throught
processes--we probably don't see that a failure to publicly acknowledge
that they are most likely indications that we are not prepared for "space"
and that we probably don't know very much at all about how time and
interstellar travel really work ... we are standing around hiding a message
that would quicken our understanding of both reality and virtual reality
and again, not seeing that kind of darkness--that inability to publicly
"change directions" when we find out that there aren't 12 dimensions that
are curled up on themselves with no real length or width or purpose other
than to say "how unelegant is this anti-Razor of Mazer Rackham?"

So, I think it's obvious but also that I need to point out the connection
between "hiding knowledge of the Matrix" and the Holocaust; and refer you
to the mirrored shield of Perseus
, on a high level it appears that's "the message" there--that what's
happening here ... whatever is causing this silence and delay in acting on
even beginning to speak about the proof that will eventually end murder and
cancer and death ... that it's something like stopping us from building a
"loving caring house" rather than one that ... fills it's halls with bug
spray instead of air conditioning. I'm beside myself, and very sure that in
almost no time at all we'll all agree that the idea of "simulating" these
things that we detest--natural disasters and negative artifacts of
biological life ... that it's inane and completely backwards.


I understand there's trepidation, and you're worried that girls won't like
my smile or won't think I'm funny enough... but I have firm belief in this
message, in words like "precarious" that reads something like "before
Icarus things were ... precarious" but more importantly my heart's reading
of those words is to see that this has happened before and we are more than
prepared to do it well. I want nothing more than to see the Heavens help us
make this transition better than one they went through, and hope beyond
hope that we will thoroughly enjoy building a "better world" using tools
that I know will make it simpler and faster to accomplish than we can even
begin to imagine today. 

On that note, I read more into the myths of Norse mythology and its
connections to the Abrahamic religions; it appears to me that much of this
message comes to us from the Jotunn
(who I connect (in name and ...) to the Jinn of Islam, who it appears to me
actually wrote the Koran) and in those stories I read that they believe
their very existence is "depenedency linked" to the raising of the sunken
city of Atlantis. Even in the words depth and dependency you can see some
hidden meaning, and what that implies to me is that we might actually be in
a true time simulator (or perhaps "exits to reality" are conditional on
waypoints like Atlantis); and that it's possible that they and God and
Heaven are all actually all born ... here ... in this place. 

While these might appear like fantastic ideas, you too can see that there's
ample reference to them tucked away in mythology and in our dreams of
utopia and the tools that bring it home ... that I'm a little surprised
that I can almost hear you thinking "the hub
-ris <http://marchekay.gq/lists/lt.php?id=YUgFAQNRVE9RUVAdU1wDX1cNVg>
of this guy, who does he think he is.... suggesting that 'the wisdom
to change everything' would be a significant improvement on the ending of
the Serendipity Prayer."

Really see that it's far more than "just disease and pain" ... what we are
looking at in this darkness is really nothing short of the hidden slavery
of our entire species, something hiding normal logical thought and using it
to alter behavior ... throughout history ... the disclosure of the
existence of a hidden technology that is in itself being used to stall or
halt ... our very freedom from being achieved. This is a gigantic deal, and
I'm without any real understanding of what can be behind the complete lack
of (cough ... financial
or developer <http://marchekay.gq/lists/lt.php?id=YUgNAQBcGAFXVB1QWlQKVF0F>
) assistance in helping us to forge ahead "blocking the chain." I really
am, it's not because of the Emperor's New Clothes... is it?


It's also worth mentioning once again that I believe the stories of Apollo
13 and the LHC sort of explain how we've perhaps solved here problems more
important than "being stuck on a single planet in a single star system" and
bluntly told that the stories I've heard for the last few years about
building a "bridge" between dark matter and here ... have literally come
true while we've lived. I suppose it adds something to the programmer/IRC
hub admin "metaphor" to see that most likely we're in a significantly
better position than we could have dreamed. I've briefly written about this
before ... my current beliefs put us somewhere within the Stargate SG-1
"dial home device/DHD" network.

So... rumspringer, then? ... to help us "os


Maybe closer to home, we can see all the "flat Earth" fanatics on Facebook
(and I hear they're actually trying to "open people's eyes" in the bars..
these days) we might see how this little cult is really exactly that--it's
a veritable honey pot of "how religion can dull the senses and the eyes"
and we still probably fail to see very clearly that's exactly it's
purpose--to show us that religion too is something that is evidence of this
very same outside control--proof of the darkness, and that this particular
"cult" is there to make that very clear. Connecting these dots shows us
just how it is that we might be convinced beyond doubt that we're right and
that the silence makes sense, or that we simply can't acknowledge the
truth--and all be wrong, literally how it is that everyone can be wrong
about something so important, and so vital. It seems to me that the only
real reason anyone with power or intelligence would willingly go along with
this is to ... to force this place into reality--that's part of the
story--the idea that we might do a "press and release in Taylor" (that's
PRINT) where people maybe thought it was "in the progenitor Universe" --
but taking a step back and actually thinking, this technology that could be
eliminating mental illness and depression and addiction and sadness and ...
that this thing is something that's not at all possible to actually exist
in reality.


/ <http://marchekay.gq/lists/lt.php?id=YUgNBwBXGAFXVB1QWlQKVF0F>

You might think that means it would grant us freedom to be "printed" and I
might have thought that exact same thing--though it's clear that what is
here "not a riot" might actually become a riot there, and that closer to
the inevitable is the historical microcosm of dark ages that would probably
come of it--decades or centuries or thousands of years of the Zeitgeist
being so anti-"I know kung fu" that you'd fail to see that what we have
here is a way to stop murders before they happen, and to heal the minds of
those people without torture or forcing them to play games all day or even
without cryogenic freezing, as Minority Report suggested might be "more
humane" than cards. Most likely we'd wind up in a place that shunned things
like "engineering happiness" and fail to see just how dangerous the
precipice we stand on really is. I joke often about a boy in his basement
making a kiss-box; but the truth is we could wind up in a world where Hamas
has their own virtual world where they've taken control of Jerusalem and we
could be in a place where Jeffrey Dammer has his own little world--and
without some kind of "know everything how" we'd be sitting back in
"ignorance is bliss" and just imagining that nobody would ever want to
kidnap anyone or exploit children or go on may-lay killing sprees ... even
though we have plenty of evidence that these things are most assuredly
happening here, and again--we're not using the available tools we have to
fix those problems. Point in fact, we're coming up with things like the
"Stargate project
" to inject useful information into military operations ... "the locations
of bunkers" ... rather than seeing with clarity that the Stargate
television show is exactly this thing--information being injected from the
Heavens to help us move past this idea that "hiding the means" doesn't
corrupt the purpose.


Without knowledge and understanding of this technology, it's very possible
we'd be running around like chickens with our heads cut off; in the place
where that's the most dangerous thing that could happen--the place where we
can't ensure there's safety and we can't ensure there's help ... and most
of all we'd be doing it at a time when all we knew of these technologies
was heinous usage; with no idea the wonders and the goodness that this
thing that is most assuredly not a gun or a sword ... but a tool; no idea
the great things that we could be doing instead of hiding that we just
don't care. 

We're being scared here for a reason, it's not just to see "/Salem/" in
Jerusalem and "sale price" being attached to air and water; it's to see
that we're going to be in a very important position, we already
are--really--and that we need knowledge and patience and training and ...
well, we need a desire to do the right thing; lest all will fall.

So, you want to go to reality... but you think you'll get there without
seeing "round" in "ground" and ... caring that there's tens of thousands of
people that are sure that we live on flat Earth ... or that there's ghosts
haunting good people, and your societal response is to pretend you don't
know anything about ghosts, and to let the pharmacy prescribe harm ...
effectively completing the sacrifice of the Temple of Doom; I assume
because you want to go to a place where you too will be able to torment the
young with "baby arcade" or ...

/i suppose there are those/

in the garden east of eden

/who'll follow the rose

ignoring/ the/ toxicity of our city/

/and touch your nose

as you continue chasing rabbits/

/ / <http://marchekay.gq/lists/lt.php?id=YUgFAQNRUU9RUVAdU1wDX1cNVg>



22 The whole Israelite community set out from Kadesh and came to Mount Hor.
23 At Mount Hor, near the border of Edom, the Lord said to Moses and Aaron,
24 “Aaron will be gathered to his people. He will not enter the land I
give the Israelites, because both of you rebelled against my command at the
waters of Meribah. 25 Get Aaron and his son Eleazar and take them up Mount
Hor. 26 Remove Aaron's garments and put them on his son Eleazar, for Aaron
will be gathered to his people; he will die there.”



/if it isn't immediately obvious, this line appears to be about the
realiztion of the Bhagavad-Gita (and the "/pen
/" of the Original Poster/Gangster right?) /

/... swinging "the war"/


p.s. ... I'm 37.



so ... in light of the P.K. Dick solution to all of our problems ... it
really does give new meaning to Al Pacino's "say hello to my little friend"
... amirite?

visit your personal preferences page--either to unsubscribe or invite your
friends and you can 

-- powered by the viewers and listeners like you and the  ... and also
post-traumatic angst  --

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