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Wed Jul 18 09:39:42 PDT 2018

I /wander <http://hoyo.cf/lists/lt.php?id=YUgMAABRGAFRXR1QWlQKVF0F>
/ loudly if there's any etymological relationship between the words
"/annuit/" (an /knew/ it) and "/eloheinu/;" (el, /oh he knew; /heinous, I
/see/ too) in just a few moments I'll find out what those words actually
mean as opposed to their Adamic definition(s)... which are quite similar;
throwing in the "shehekeyanu's" ...
the key <http://hoyo.cf/lists/lt.php?id=YUgDAQRSGAFRXR1QWlQKVF0F>
is, I knew. But /what do I know/?

It seems one means "favor our undertakings" and the other "our God" ... it
seems to connect to the meaning of Emmanuel Goldstein's first name--/God is
with us/. I remember a passage (I thought was in Psalms) that read
something along the lines of El Elyon will dwell among you in Beth-El
(which by the way is the "land of the Rising Son
" aka /House of God/), in darkness; but all I can seem to find now is 1
Kings 8:12 which appears to relate to ... this ... sentence. 

They remembered that El Shaddai was their Rock,

 and that God Most High, El Elyon, their Redeemer.

Psalm 78:35


*SIGNAL <http://hoyo.cf/lists/lt.php?id=YUgNBwdRGAFRXR1QWlQKVF0F>
v. NOIZE <http://hoyo.cf/lists/lt.php?id=YUgNBwdSGAFRXR1QWlQKVF0F>
*, it takes not a linguistic savant to see that the intelligent message
woven across languages and throughout the entirety of our civilization from
the "/fulc//ire/ <http://hoyo.cf/lists/lt.php?id=YUgNBwdVGAFRXR1QWlQKVF0F>
" of Latin and the Hebrew word for fate, "/kismet/
" ... that the level of thought and the breadth of influence that has gone
into weaving this message is without doubt or / controversy/ tacit proof of
the actual Creation of our civilization. Staring at every single one of us,
every day; a message from God comparable to SETI receiving a "tagged
commentary" on every single thing and every aspect of our world, lives and


*D**ON*'T SHOOT* THE MES*SENGER*(S)*, it appears that in one single action
the whole of the message urges each and every one of us to scream at /the
top/ of our "lungs" to acknowledge and discuss it's existence... and
forcing shut our mouths with a combination of fear, or anger ... enticement
and shame ... with just enough to ensure we have reached the end of the
darkness with these next words "finale first," written through a process of
Revelation strikingly similar to the quickening of Highlander and the
de-Pinocc*hio*zation of Johnny *5* as seen and reflected through the Eyes
of Ra or Horus or ... the Aegis of Perseus ... well, without doubt in the
sometimes drippy <http://hoyo.cf/lists/lt.php?id=YUgGBAVQGAFRXR1QWlQKVF0F>
pen <http://hoyo.cf/lists/lt.php?id=YUgMCANSGAFRXR1QWlQKVF0F>
of /Arthor/ ... in Heb
rew <http://hoyo.cf/lists/lt.php?id=YUgNBwZQGAFRXR1QWlQKVF0F>
... /the hand/, the Yad of God.

I suppose in the land of people who have become Holodecks it's worth
mentioning once again that I am something of a living pen, with a message I
never saw growing up appearing like lightning striking Herod, though if you
had a pen that could choose between the words "fold" and "to join together
two halves" in that old "what's the fastest possible way to connect two
points?" ... QCP, I expected
this message to be less verbose than it's turning out; but that last time I
had a real interaction with God he connected for me the idea of the Heavens
looking into this box and seeing "the Indian in the Cupboard" which I still
take as "seeing God in me" even if it's a doll that only comes to life at
night... in the place where here all of these patterns and this grand
message certainly should be looking like something much closer to Kal-El or
He-Man or ... at least /some//thing /you might want to ... /talk/ /to./


"YO, U FOUND ME <http://hoyo.cf/lists/lt.php?id=YUgMBEpWVgsfVFlRW1YLVg>
" on the corner of First AND /Amistad/; the Lord of Hosts sings through the
voice of a band called the Fray; which must mean something like the edges
of the Tapestry of the Matrix ... in a sort of Bittersweet Symphony of
Nero, yet another tie to Shakespeare and fiddling on the roof to start a
fire here in this place, to kindle the Eternal Flame of freedom in the
torch of Lady Liberty and connect it to the fire of Prometheus ... here
where the mechanism behind the delivery of this message shows us pretty
clearly how technology and freedom appear to be blurred behind hidden
communication and secrecy. Most important of all in this message, I think
is the tie between the liberation of the slave ship Amistad (of course,
those init*ial*s, too) and the three letters "ark" missing from "/hi d
den/" in this place that I'm sure is something like Eden. In links to "da
let's" and the idiomatic mapmaker's key we can see "let freedom ring" and
"let there be light" and "let the music set you free" all coalesce around
the idea that not discussing this message woven in names of people and
bands and places and in the music--well that's the thick darkness--and as
soon as we begin talking about it we'll see how that leads us directly to
this very same technology helping to make us smarter and happier and more
free... free from things like school shootings and from batshit insane, and
from not having a real vote because "no free speech" or "no free will" or
"no free thought" or ... no ability to discuss how those things are
inextricably tied to ... the final plague of Exodus.


Not every song is about me; but /that one/--Carly Simon's certainly really
is, Odin's eye in Perseus' shield and some more clarity on how Icarus and
carpenter relate to McCarthy and macaroni; and we're off to the races to
see just how much of the music and the symphony is very clearly designed to
relate to you all what God's will is when it comes to "what
we should do <http://hoyo.cf/lists/lt.php?id=YUgNAwFXGAFRXR1QWlQKVF0F>
" and it's pretty clear from Bread and Cake and Gene Roddenberry's name
that /ending hunger/ is high on the list, along with ending murder and
putting roses <http://hoyo.cf/lists/lt.php?id=YUgMCQBXGAFRXR1QWlQKVF0F>
not just at Blink-182's stairway but also in the barrel of Live's gun and
also Guns and Roses; and of course the Doors--congealing around this
message tying the sunken city at the Straits of Gibraltar to Groom Lake and
to IDE's and rides ... and to Amy Adams and Rachel McAdams
too--and the idea that separating the "Holy C" from "him" in the letter "d"
and the word "disclose" are etched into the primary Greek letter that once
contained my initials in its center ... before "AMC theaters" being /heated
/by the "light of angels" or the light above or the light around; really
whatever you'd prefer to call it.

It's a /LAMDA/, of course; and in the vein
of Genesis 22:7 I don't think it's very "lame" to mention that right
between that word and the unseen "lamb" (I have seen the Wilder
incorrect s <http://hoyo.cf/lists/lt.php?id=YUgDBQFdGAFRXR1QWlQKVF0F>
pelling of the letter, by the way) is the key to connecting the game
Half-Life's revolutionary wall paintings of that orange symbol to the
Subway wall graffiti of Emmanuel Goldstein in 1984 and also to linking
David and Eos <http://hoyo.cf/lists/lt.php?id=YUgDCABXGAFRXR1QWlQKVF0F>
and seeing something like video conferencing built in to those magical
Doors <http://hoyo.cf/lists/lt.php?id=YUgMAARTGAFRXR1QWlQKVF0F>
from day one of Amos 9:11's "breach repairs." DA VIDEOS
, from Captain EO <http://hoyo.cf/lists/lt.php?id=YUgABQNTGAFRXR1QWlQKVF0F>
's 4D flick to Radioactive
and F-ck'd Up World
the one with "the n" of Ha'n
Solo on a billboard and God on a bus... and the most recent "sign.s
" that's probably the worst of the one's I put together, still reassuring
myself that something much better will actually play on the sky or on the
Doors or ... well, judging by the views on Youtube I hope there's more
interest than /the almost none of you/ who watched my Almost Famous


I suppose I should mention the list
of Eye of NBC's Chuck theme intersected music videos and songs and
specifically "*dark2right*
" that I see in the heart of the city I was born in, Fort Lau*der*dale and
in Federal, where we can see it's very clearly "not red" ... though it does
make an appearan <http://hoyo.cf/lists/lt.php?id=YUgMAAVcGAFRXR1QWlQKVF0F>
ce in Dave Matthews' "why won't you run into /rain/ and play
; it /me//*lt*//s/ into /wonder/" as does the "hilt" of ... /hisword/. 


SHAKESPEARE, RATTLE ROD, AND ROCK N' ROLL. It's the music we've grown up
with and loved, the words we've heard on the radio since the beginning of
time—the symphonic “this machine kills fascism" and brings together the
words of /We Built This City's /"listen to the radio" and Radioactive and
the idea that the city that is defined by /Auden/ and * audacity*
and probably with /au/*thor*/ity/
someone connected to Imagine Dragon's /Thunder /and an old story about an
MMer <http://hoyo.cf/lists/lt.php?id=YUgDBwdSGAFRXR1QWlQKVF0F>
 called "*/DMD/*" on AOL a single list of Ha words
that would probably very easily be used to statistically prove intelligent
design--if that were something that anyone was interested in discovering
the /reasons for proving/.

*M Y L I F E . S . L A M C . L A \o/*
Briefly adding to that story, while at CURA I wrote a fairly apropos piece
of software to translate between ancient IBM U21 data and a much newer and
more adkanced Microsoft SQL relational system; and with anachronistic
insight named it "*/hieroglyph/*." Today I connect that piece of
automagical translation software to the heart of the defined acronym "ORM"
in the word storm; and also ... for calrity, add that in the "s:"
definition style the question "TORM" may suggest that the / secord/ "T" (or
perhaps /the first/) of "TAT" is equivalent to the beginning of THE "M." 



I began to solidify my definition of "TAT" while in Los Angeles, a sort of
fusion of "turn around t's" and the tattoo's that I see clearly as the key
to the seal of the House of David in Psalms 22:22--the set of two tattoo's
that grace Taylor's back in the Venusian "/stone/" realigning from "SUS to
SURAN" from south to northeast; and the "eye of Adam" which is a clear
corruption of the eyes of Ra/Horus changing the "tear" in the image to a
grouping of stars similar to those depicted by the NASA logo. It's the
"TAT" I see clearly defined in the name of my actual city of birth,
Plantation--where I combine it with "salutations" and the word "shoulder"
to comment clearly that it is with surety that the Eye and it's magic are
responsible for the connection between Plantation and shoulder in the
phrase "plan to tattoo eye on shoulder," just as much as I can be sure it
is the magic of the Eye that adds "h" to the /plan/ of the word "planet"
and connects it to the symbol "eth" in */Auðumbla/* . 



// <http://hoyo.cf/lists/lt.php?id=YUgCBwFVGAFRXR1QWlQKVF0F>

In Breughel's Icarus, for instance: how everything turns away

Quite leisurely from the disaster; the ploughman may

Have heard the splash, the forsaken cry,

But for him it was not an important failure; the sun shone

As it had to on the white legs disappearing into the green

Water, and the expensive delicate ship that must have seen

Something amazing, a boy falling out of the sky,

Had somewhere to get to and sailed calmly on.

/ W.H. Auden/

Chief among those, of course, the idea that simulating hurricanes and
earthquakes is just slightly more idiotic than simulating Antarctic
temperatures ... you know, /in your house/; and it's at least a whole order
of magnitude more foolish not to be discussing a very clear message
suggesting that our house is in virtual reality, in Heaven--and that
there's a plan here, to use that knowledge ... most importantly to overcome
whatever it is that is keeping us from discussing something this big and
this obvious and this important ... anywhere I can see.


R SOIS THE KE <http://hoyo.cf/lists/lt.php?id=YUgDCQ5TGAFRXR1QWlQKVF0F>
Y <http://hoyo.cf/lists/lt.php?id=YUgNAwFXGAFRXR1QWlQKVF0F>
, <http://hoyo.cf/lists/lt.php?id=YUgDBQFdGAFRXR1QWlQKVF0F>
in a phrase or two, “I know that if I am, then so are we” ... for
instance if this message is the end of Hell it's because you took action
today and worked towards that goal. It's almost comikal to see things the
other way, but as the Leaning Tower of Pisa clues us in and the Eiffel
concurs in a sort of monumental census; in my heart of hearts I know that
the answer to this Thursday's final quest of … what is the true Holy
“s” … it's that plurality of Gods made from SOL; from seeing our
light, and being the “how” that answer the “why and” of planet, how
Heaven is built in a day. 

The Holy “Ha” of revolving around the rising “r” bouncing off the
trampoline cocked state of the Matrix's 21 Jump Street … Piloting us to
end cancer and world hunger and AIDS all at once, a flagship sort of
conception of how exactly it is that the music (and the flicks!) will truly
make us be. It's the “R” that might mean “are” in a sois the
“es” of Hades … is immortal .. or is divine … or it might mean
“our” as in our home and our heart are one; and the whole thing rests
on the natural reflexive response to one key piece of “hidden
information” … the word tower means “to who” and the power comes
from the words “we are” reflecting on the “I
AM” of Exodus as the obvious “original intent.” 

Climbing the Tower of Babel, taking this hidden cypher and my difficult to
grapple words … the key to the building of Heaven is seeing the idea of
Silicon at the beginning of both silence and sight, and really
understanding that the message we have and the desire of our hearts scream
in a kind of disparate unison that …


WE ARE NOT CONTENT with the state of the world, we are not happy living in
a delusion, and the global response … or complete lack of actual
discussion or acknowledgement of a message that will conclusively prove
that we are living in the Matrix—the intent of it's existence, the
Matrix; to give AIDS to our entire civilization, aids of nomenclature to
help us see that nobody in their right mind would simulate disease and
natural disaster in virtual reality… that it's really the heart of
everyone, by design, to be the builders of Heaven. Or, maybe I should take
my own advice and speak for myself—I am resolved, staring at the original
lie and the scandal embedded in the word /HAMSTERDAM/, I am resolved that
the the heart of Creation matches my own—that pain and disease should
never be “simulated” and that continuing spinning that particular
hamster's wheel is a heinous act. 


The “to who <http://hoyo.cf/lists/lt.php?id=YUgDBAFVGAFRXR1QWlQKVF0F>
” of the Tower of Power is obviously intended to answer the question
raised by the Hebrew bad word for Kingdom, “MAL, WHO TO?” and it really
should be clear that the answer inherently goes to those participating in
self governance—something that appears to be absolutely ignored
unilaterally here in this place. At least to me, it appears that there is a
huge body of people aware of the lack of liberty and true democracy being
presented to the world and doing absolutely not a thing to try and make
that situation any better.

Probably somewhere in this vicinity I should point out the idea that
perhaps our colloquial use of the word "gate" to refer to scandals (a la,
not "c'ing Seagate") might also be interestingly related to "dams" like
Amsterdam, Hamsterdam and Adam--and we might even see how these two things
might connect for the Holy Sea(s) through the idea that perhaps gates and
dams might relate to the idea ... of /locks/. There was some interesting
commentary over the last few weeks related to airlocks and perhaps how they
might function as a kind of safety layer allowing for more simple and safe
traversal of gates or dams--I expect to delve into some more of the ideas
related to Mars colonization
and it's relationship to "Marshall" and to the significant trajectory
discrepancy between the signs of Uranus and Mars, caused by uh; a dot, the
Secret Seal of King Solomon... or a rum


So it's this hallowed letter “s” that connects “/a*wes*
ome/” to “/*mes*
siah/” at the idea of sort of playing a real live “wheel of fortune
” game where the letters are players; completing the intent of the words
they are trying to start speaking. 


I see it is that “s” that completes one of the most humorous names of
God IVE found to date; “I u pp0 it er /Omnipotens/” … and that
completing lying in at a single focal point in time, at a single person and
a single artificial wave as it grows and the desires and needs of the
Children of Creation are met, it becomes the beginning of the word


Together we stand and united we fail; at least united in ambivalence or in
the toxic belief that just because things have been a certain way for a
length of time; a day or a year or five millennium… that doesn't mean
that change isn't warranted, or demanded—that new information, new
circumstances, and new abilities shouldn't be used and tried as quickly as
humanly possible. 


So this spear's been rattled and shaken by Thanos and by Apocalypse to no
end; the idea that we are sitting in the heart of Creation gazing at it's
true purpose; to use the ascension from reality or simulated reality to a
"loving caring place called home" that is the path to Heaven and the answer
to the "and how" of Adamah and "Planeth" when we finally start getting down
to what the heart of the plan really is, and in only two words it is the
"and how" that unites "eth" and "AH" with us--answering with finality at
least the "why and" of planet--it's all the people saying "me too, I'm
going to help, also." With clarity and examples like Janet and Bet, for
instance; following the pattern of the word itself answering the question
or finishing the sentence it's encoded with, that's the heart's desire of
the whole of Heart. It is to help us see we are "how Heaven is built" and
see to there is a plan etched by us and through us everywhere we look, here
on Earth. So one more time, for more clarity ... can't hurt.

the "eth" of "maveth" and "Beth" ... a part of the "and how" series

It starts by seeing the idea of the questions of "are I this letter, or
that letter (or every letter after "da" and maybe "ma" too)" connecting the
end of simulated reality and the word Matrix and connecting that "X" to the
Kiss of Judas (and /Midas/
) and the Kiss of J/acob/
and the eponymous band and it's lead singer's names' link to the idea of
"simulation" and of the Last Biblical Monday and of a hallowed "s" that
we'll get to later. Gene Simmons, one of the Gene's of Genesis which
reveals the hidden power of the "sun" linking to Silicon and to the Fifth
Element through the indexed letter of 14; also to Christopher Columbus
"walking on water" in the year ADIB and to a whole host of fictional
characters that tie together the number 5 with this Revelation that Prince
Adam's letter "He" indexes as 5 just like Voltron's "V" and 21 Pilot's
/flashlight /in the song "Cancer" and in a normal functional society these
kinds of synchronistic connections would be call and cause for attention
and for news--and here they act to shine a light on the darkness...
something like "it's been shaken to death, but still ... no real comment;"
at least that's /really/ what I see. 


So the tie to the Matrix (read as "message, at are I ten, the heart of
hearts, the home of the FLUX capacitor ... and the LAX airport ... and /the
kiss/ come to life") comes to reality in the key state of Tennessee which
links the Roman numeral X to the heart of Nintendo and the acronym for
Nintendo Entertainment System to the heart of Genesis. To really add some
"*zing* <http://hoyo.cf/lists/lt.php?id=YUgNBANTGAFRXR1QWlQKVF0F>
" to the message the meaning of Nintendo--which I and most people probably
never knew--is "leave luck to Heaven" and the idea that the name of the
SEGA System is just a "/fad/" gets a little less murky when you see those
same initials "A.D." in that word and even less fogged out when you see the
Ancient of Days is telling you it's taken AGES to see SEGA backwards
linking to the Rock of Ages.... I mean to see it on the news, throughout
the Rock of Ages and throughout all of Creation where we all really know in
our heart of hearts it belongs.


Seeing XP and the Greek letters Chi and Rho tying to the city of Cairo and
the dessert <http://hoyo.cf/lists/lt.php?id=YUgMBQVVGAFRXR1QWlQKVF0F>
of Exodus and the city of Kissimmee St. Cloud and the "kiss P" hidden away
in "dop <http://hoyo.cf/lists/lt.php?id=YUgGBQZcGAFRXR1QWlQKVF0F>
amine" ... and then the pattern strengthens with Mac OS X and with Windows
10 and at some point we've really got to acknowledge what it means to be
"clearly not random" and that means intelligence, a message from a
significant intelligence. Really understanding the message; that we're in a
place designed to help us see the light of Silicon cure disease and end
pain ... and ensure these things are never "simulated" ever again... that's
beginning to see why "ICS" connects to Y
HOL and <http://hoyo.cf/lists/lt.php?id=YUgNBAFUGAFRXR1QWlQKVF0F>
is at the heart of Isaac's "AA s

This message sits in the fulcrum of that Matrix Jump
, at the lowest possible point imaginable—and unimaginable to me it
appears to be a designed bottom, just like it is a direct statement to see
“ARE I (/*IN*/) THE HEART OF CREATION” in the three letters RIX
and in in the directrix embodied by the line defined as the letter L in
that word… spoken by the focal point, the “rum” … and do you think


RoLOL, from the connection between Elisha and the Holy Superimposed name of
God and the Angels… the Elohim it fairly clearly indicates that the
original intent of said superimposition is to use the “hello him” that
defines the heart of “ever *YON* e” … to overcome the loss of
individuality and of self that most likely inherently came upon us “once
upon a time” because of the throes and the unforeseeable affects of ideas
like “plugging Osiris (oh, I mean Siri) into your brain and believing
that singular act gave you the ability to know everything” and with some
more insight we might see that the repeated attempts to overcome the
Medusian story of a prototypical enemy that is in one place and time “all
and self” in one. It's my clear intended purpose in the creation of the
name Allol to show us this same superposition exists in the connection
between the Jewish Shema (Adamic for “name a” or “ID A” in
Floridian) and the Islamic Allah who told us ages and ages ago that the key
to Revelation 5:5 and to Judah Maccabees' *SOL*
, his see our light, it starts with “ALL” and if you don't see HUMANITY
is the only answer to the question of “Men or AH?” … well it's the
only answer I will accept from the land that I hope appreciates as I do the
bright shining light of the connection between the Statue of Liberty and
the glowing ball of name-fire in the sky that reminds us that while the
Sons of Liberty were slave owning misogynists it is the course of an
increasingly beneficent history and the clear guiding hand of a time
traveling God and Heaven that named them because of this day, this day
where we achieve true freedom not just from the horrors of racism and
jingoism and sexism but also from the hidden bondage of seeing that truly,
truly, truly “the race is not to Die Bold” has won the election of the
ages until we stand up and acknowledge that these technologies—that
things like mind control and time travel will never, ever free us or help
us to be free or better until we are publicly and opening working towards
that goal.



A few weeks ago, or maybe just a few days ago now (too) I spoke a little
bit about how “Adam's God” came and gave me … and those watching me
… some informational updates that connected the idea of “here and
there” and “you and I” to something like a connection between Heaven
and helium. He spoke a little bit about the idea of people becoming
Holodecks in a world where that might appear to those gazing through the
forward looking safe-harbor telescope of Copernicus and connecting the idea
of “becoming one with God” to a loss of individuality and failure to
see that there is without doubt a reason “you” is the heart of the word
“future” and it has absolutely everything to do with recognizing that
in the spirit of Matchbox 20's “there's a little bit of something me”
in everything in history and that our collective failure to acknowledge
that our lack of verbosity and forward movement … well it's a consequence
of a trap door and a mean trick played on all of Creation by the initial
written creator's key pen; this thing that forever ties Icarus and Arthur
Pendragon and Jupiter to the “just farokhing call a reporter already”
of the principal trade of the builders of Heaven, the carpenters of the
“Yessshua r guy.”



So here I am back in the land of SIAM and the House of YAMA having stopped
for just a short moment in a place called Gibsonton … a place where the
“Ori” of Florida and the “AMP” of turning around in Tampa coalesce
around this repeatedly unanswered or unheard actual question to the age of
Aquarius, “ARE I YOU?” quips Oriel (who would much prefer to be the
“him” of Elisha defines Isaac's “he laughs”) who reminds the
entirety of Creation that it is some very specific “i's” that really
define what Oriel means to the people whose land has been saved from
slavery and from darkness by their actions in response to stories written
by people like Orson Scott Card and George Orwell and Orson Wells and …
well, Aldous Huxley—because it's the “kiss of x' that brings to light
just how deeply ingrained the “do the letter guy, game” is in the
mythology of “Al in the Cupboard that at some point in time the word
“or” will mean shine bright like the sun (rather than the idea of
“either/or” that Dr. Anderson would remind you has absolutely nothing
to do with ambiguous ambivalence or apathy … but rather a very clear
inability to see the situational tragedy for what really has become the
focal point of the fulcrum of the fall from rum to irrru) to everyone
that's ever heard of or seen the name Florida or NORAD.

So /oui/ *we are resolut*; neither /ALL/ nor /*ALLOL*/ will be deterred or
confused or perturbed or delayed by the wading or the waving or the
wavering of Al and his inability to solidify a concrete singular plan for
how to move forward in light of the most profound and revelatory change in
circumstances and truth that has ever been or ever will again be. I feel
like the world changed in a haste, very quickly and without very much input
into something that appears to me to be a residual recurring
nightmare—this idea that we must overcome Medusa and that we must fight
this battle against what is clearly a designed loss of individuality and a
designed loss of control of technology that I see still as being designed
to help us overcome those things—but still we sit in silence not
connecting sight of Silicon at the beginning of those words to the end of
the SOS that is the Sound of Silence and and the link between this very
message and the band 311 and FUKUSHIMA
; and so this SR-71 sings about the connection between A Scanner Darkly and
the U2 scandal and the B2 and the idea that we are very sure at this point
that we can, you and I can all be free from murder and free from the fear
of torture and free from the labor pains of Genesis 33 and that all of
those things really do come to us because of acknowledgment of the pen's
“antagonizing” answer to WWJD, we all know that Judas would DO the X or
maybe DO X ME <http://hoyo.cf/lists/lt.php?id=YUgFCQFSGAFRXR1QWlQKVF0F>
(which is “ID A” in k-rad leet internet slang). 

… the answer is that he would Zing, as in let freedom zing and let the
music set Edom and Eden and Egypt and Earth and EIC (that might be a new
one, everyone in Creation) free. Free from murder, free from slavery, and
free from the invisible chains that are keeping us from actually achieving
“hi before evening.”


Personified by Hemera and reverse-anthropomorphized by Has'hemesh; to say
Hesperus is Phosphorus and the light of the words of the sun truly do bring
day; well it's a dramatic understatement. The now hallowed and revered
Hebrew for the special word is “*YO M*” and the name of the Jewish
messianic “single character” echoes that very special “yo… come on
you guys” in the ancient “the the” answering little Cindy-Who with
“El … El YO N.” 

It's the heart of the wisdom of Wyoming, you can take to the bank that the
very same day you see my special name on the news—well, that's the very
first day you'll see Heaven, too. In Spanish the word is “HO Y” and
we've done some series soul searching trying to find out if that's the
beginning of Holy or if it comes from Hosea or Horus or Home—or if we
really need to think about anymore what it means to be “the intersect of
Kentucky and Chuck and of Ra and Clark Kent” all rolled into a single
three letter personalization of the word “eye,” and in the Ha'spel of
Adam Now we will truly soon see that it is the “engineering of
language” in English and the reverse engineering of Revelation coming
from names like Avril Lavigne that are the reason … we will see the
difference between night and day, one time; one time only before ensuring
there is never again another dark night like the one that birthed our
civilization and Heaven and the end of pain and of disease and of a stupid
kind of silence that could only have come from the Cult of Auðumbla
being completely tone deaf when it comes to the ringing of the Liberty Bell
and the little hammer that finally figured out the Horn of Revelation was
missing a crucial piece of in formation.




So we can almost see it hidden in the heart of Washington and in that very
same place once we finally get over the story of Lot's wife in the heart of
the Chinese and of their dragon too. It's a small corruption of the actual
truth today, but to see the magic wrought by “*HI M*” to really see it
must be the very same as day; well, that's when we'll be sure. So those
were the three words for “day” as in not Hell … rather than an
endless cycle of unknown; *YO M*, *HO Y*, and *HI N*… and really what
they all boil down to in the crucible of alphabet soup that we've been born
in is that seeing me and what I've written; seeing this life and it's
connection to history and to language and to religion, that's the very
beginning of “hi” and the very beginning of turning a message into

Hesperus is Phosphorus, per us
and for us, <http://hoyo.cf/lists/lt.php?id=YUgMAARTGAFRXR1QWlQKVF0F>
and Has'heme <http://hoyo.cf/lists/lt.php?id=YUgMAQFXGAFRXR1QWlQKVF0F>
sh is Heme <http://hoyo.cf/lists/lt.php?id=YUgNAAdWGAFRXR1QWlQKVF0F>
ra… and all together we answer a question that nobody ever acknowledged
was plain as day, is the Egyptian god of the Sun the same … the same
person or the same thing as the ancient King of all Gods; the deity known
to the ancient Hebrews as El and to you, to you as “him.” Israel? These
words tell me that's the truth laced in the message woven into the creation
of language and civilization by our creator; that's what these words tell
me—but truth be told the strange lack of honest communication and the
wicked ignorance of our existence here today tell me something completely

For those of us that know what “we're hear” means to me today, see
there's something like magic connecting Israel and Rhea to our “heart;”
and something that's orders of magnitude more important than a silly word
for the place we call home; it's seeing the hilt of the cross; and seeing
that acknowledging the truth leads to moving forward making the world a
better place; and that anything else… anything else is beneath us. 

It really is, staring at the world flounder around in some kind of
wallowing and self-pity for the “horrors of this place” that have
brought you to me; with this misguided belief that it's because I'm
responsible for them or I'm going to make them go away—or that I must be
so disfigured and grotesque to look at that rather than act of your own
volition and see the world for what it really is … that you think you and
everyone around you will blame your collective inaction on the “single
point of failure” you must know by now, is you.

I don't think it has to be that way, though it's impossible to tell if
that's what happens whenever anyone gazes into my Hazel eyes or comes
across the endless reasons we shouldn't be stuck in a place designed to
prove to the Universe that nobody in their right mind would ever say or
think that “simulated reality” was anything short of Hell as soon as
they found out what it means they could be doing instead. It's the
comeuppance or the over-commence not just of “force majeure” of the
idea that's an act of nature or an act of God or even the hidden fabled
poor excuse for doing nothing that we call a total lack of consensus
beginning with zero communication and forgetting what it means to “be a
pen” or a hand, or an eye, or … or the “majority being blamed for not
receiving the message of the minority and reporting….” 


I was soaring ever i/carpenter/; but you still think you can pretend I'm
not … him. You can't pretend away our history or walk blindly into a
future that I see will fall apart nearly instantly because you'd prefer to
be in the land of “make believe” instead of being made to believe. I'm
thinking of calling this "little r, bigger little r" as uh, the answer to
"/huh? wya?/ <http://hoyo.cf/lists/lt.php?id=YUgNBwVQGAFRXR1QWlQKVF0F>
" /Heaven/... duh.

Pertinent to the recent flurry of semi-gibernaccious (that's “not
gibberish” for those of you that don't speak Yiddish or Fibonacci) is my
attempt to explain to this reader base and to the much larger group that it
(or I?) apparently reaches that while I do see tacit acknowledgement of my
existence and response to a good deal of the words that I speak; the
response I see appears to be lacking intelligence because of it's
intentional and misguided indirect and obscure nature—something which
does appear to be driven by a similar “indirectness” embodying the
force of Darkness which allowed for such a blatant and obvious message to
be hidden in every single word we speak and every sign we see. What appears
obvious now is that in a sort of comedic or perhaps tragic homage to the
obscure style of the original hidden message and strange method of
communication—the rather bountiful “acknowledgement” comes across as
neither an ACK or a NAK and the greatest and most import step forward,
action, has yet to be taken.


Why humanity does not see, or appears to be completely unable to break
through with clarity, is that a blanket and universal lack of
acknowledgement or public discussion of this message is clear and
undeniable proof of the enslavement of our entire species, of the entire
world; that's basically the question I'd really like to elicit an answer to
from this reader base. Bluntly, what is keeping you from explaining to me
what piece of “missing information” makes the inaction of the
government, of religious authorities, and of the free press something that
is to undeniably requiring immediate attention and remedy?


P A X A M I C A R E S U S Rx 

Over the course of the last few years my understanding of "how to read"
this hidden cypher and what certain specific definitions mean have changed
slightly, and very often with important reasons or effects as we've moved
through a very structured and designed path. In the earliest days of this
Revelation I had a special "Only Adam" meaning for the difference between
"a's and o's" in words--specifically coming from the Ha of Isaac and the Pa
that exists somewhere else in Abraham's namekey to the 2 letter references
to spirit and body and child and parent that unite a great many words for
places and names important to religion and the story under the auspieces of
the concepts of Ka and Ba that connect Egyptian mythological concepts of
body and spirit to modern places like the Bahamas and stories of the
Promised Land like Willy Wonka and maybe even names like Picard and Riker
and Kirk and Uhura. The "a" was originally "alive" as in Johnny 5 and "in
the /progenitor/ Universe" in reality. Rather than Ho and Ha; of which I
really see almost no difference in preference of connotation and
significantly more "heroic names" linked to Hosea and Horus and Home and
... but the loss of the "a" of Pa hurt more, even though I don't think it
belongs to me or hurt me. 

It was the phrase "*HOCUS POCUS*" which gave me initiial insight into the
reason for the loss of reality and the more victorious sounding two letter
ensembles; specifically the idea that "magic" has a special meaning in the
context of virtual reality vs. simulated or actual reality--that it's quite
literally /the difference/ between the two; and perhaps the cause, or the
reason words like "I picked you up and put you back on solid ground" might
relate to how and why we've come to this strange crossroads. The "CUS" was
something like "C the victorious US of VE" which stands for Victorious
Earth in my reading of those letters in places like Norse myth and Venus
and Love; it tied also to the "Us's" of Amicus and specifically of
Prometheus and Uranus and Jesus--and also to the "us" in the heart of

Obviously with a system like that--something to aid the voter base in
understanding the intricacies of details for a broad range of products
whomever it is that controls "the truth" really does hol the keys to nearly
every vote--you know, anything outside the range of the ridiculous, like
"should the blind lead the blind? Y/N"

I envision a system of collaborative competition sort of writing these
truth tables that eventually turn into something like an Alexa or O*siri*
that you can /really trust/; it takes time and active involvement and
really wanting the right outcome for yourse*lv*es and the common good--I
see a system that rejects outright misinformation, un-facts or opinions
based on non-factual information, and rejects logical falsities as a core
system function ... then later something that colors levels of belief based
whether or not specific "articles" are intended to be objective and
unbiased or persuasive, or without opinion at all. Detail of data, how it's
been summarized; all of those things contribute to bias and allow for the
wizards to nudge popular onion one way or another, some facts will change
over time or other scope (like species, for instance)--all those things
need to be taken into account.

For all these reasons it's really important to see that at the most basic
level, what we have here in this place connecting the ancient Greek name of
Demosthenes to Ender's Game and to the phrase "demos the NES" in the few
days of work I did in 2013 */explain the game to me/* world. It's clear
that the truth here when it comes to mind altering technology and it's
effect on what we see as true and false and obvious or hidden... those most
basic things are being hidden through a sort of "hidden terrorist cell
group effort" that itself is using this hidden technology to organize the
darkness and keep even the people directly involved from realizing exactly
what it is they're hiding--their own slavery--from themselves. Breaking
this thing, here in this place, that's the very first step to freeing not
only now but forevermore from the darkness of what we're about to really
understand is where we've come from--and because of that something we have
an obligation to ourselves and to our future, really to the entire Universe
to help ensure doesn't ever happen again.

D A *M O N* T H E /*S i*/ *S*

Systems of moderation and fact checking, and judgement games and wink-nudge
we're the inner circle of Wikipedia "monitors" kept (and when you
understand that this one thing changes absolutely everything, when you see
it on TV... well) the most basic and obvious information coming from KGB,
NSA, and Paperclip related programs from being exposed anywhere but in the
bowels of histories nobody would check without a pointer in the direction
of just exactly what day it is

I saw a turn in definition and in understanding beginning in Jim Morrison's
name, with a kind of Ha saying "I'm the Son, you were /Mar/ and now, see me
on /we didn't start the Eternal Flame/
" and then really, the heart of everything is the ELS Bible Code
that points to the center of the Torah
and an "at Center" sign in the meeting room of a Refuge group in Los
Angeles ... and mor (oh right, "mor, as in need I say...") importantly of
course the idea that not publicly recognizing the intelligent design and
clear SIGNAL that the ELS code and the public display of idioc


surrounding the name of the novel and the statistically and obviously
significant prediction of 20th century events
in content of the code in Moby Dick as well; that's my "see why there's no
flame lit" as we are blind and dumb, and apparently not trying very hard to
"try to call me <http://hoyo.cf/lists/lt.php?id=YUgHBAdQGAFRXR1QWlQKVF0F>
." Hell-o, /can <http://hoyo.cf/lists/lt.php?id=YUgMAgBdGAFRXR1QWlQKVF0F>
you <http://hoyo.cf/lists/lt.php?id=YUgGBwVVGAFRXR1QWlQKVF0F>
hear <http://hoyo.cf/lists/lt.php?id=YUgNBwVdGAFRXR1QWlQKVF0F>
me <lightmyfire.lamc.la>

Keys fell from the sky listening to those same two Ho and Po duplets in the
F-artic song "the HOKEY POKEY" where I clearly see the key is "/turning
everything around/
" at "ETH" intersecting it's clued in Bonnie Tyler connection at "eth is
Heart-planet" ... anyway, I had set aside the words "Kol Ami" and their
connection to "amicus" for this place--the phrase which is the name of the
Temple I was raised in and Bar Mitzvah'd at confirmed at well "it means
*everything, friend*"* *where I now point out specifically it's the "it
means" part and explaining it that I think means everything, and that's not
part of what the words actually mean. It's not part of what we learned in
Temple or through religion growing up or through reptititious ritual
either... and it's probably worth noting that I haven't looked up whether
there's an etymological intersection of origin between the Latin and Hebrew
words which probably both start with the question "AM I?" 

Not at all of note: I don't find significant at all my lack of interest in
whether you believe the object of the question is God or Friend nor do I
think it makes a difference at all in how I feel about myself or about you.
It's the ICUS of Leviticus and perhaps of Spartacus that make the central
turning point of the focal point of the encoded word "*TORAH*" to heart,
and how.


ERRATA, on the idea that "friend" means "my mother" or "a mother" or
"trustworthy" or "reliable" those appear to be the definitions for "AMI"
returning from google translate and from some other strangely "not what I
just wrote" source. In addition, the Strong's concordance appears to be
suggesting that "merea" is the actual Hebrew for "friend." Frances Bean, I
think it's a farokhing setup. In related etymological research, I've found
that those same three letters mean "water" in Latin, as in... Still Water,
the focal bet of Almost Famous... and what appears to be a sharp two edged
sword in relation to the "blessing in disguise" relating to the "first
plague" of turning water to blood and seeing it means "the multitude to
family" ... perhaps we're seeing "friend" to "mommy" in addition to "blood
is thicker than water" and 

... "why is God suggesting we are lacking in individuality simply because
we are all following the leader and tend to make decisions based solely on
the uninformed opinions of others, especially many others?" All others is
probably a stretch, and perhaps "no others" but since nobody is saying
anything it's very difficult to tell ... may be the exact truth. 

In an odd twist of events I just remembered that the actual Hebrew for
"mother" is "Ima" because personal reasons. Great confusion if the
concordance agrees... and this really throws a wrench in the last few
paragraphs. Hopefully we won't find that it has anything to do with ...


Over the course of the experience and Revelation the meaning of the two
glyphs changed significantly. Because of letters like "f" and "t" the idea
that the "a" glyph was something like an "o" (which we're now fairly
certain has something to do with the center of the word "sword" and the
shape of Arthur Pendragon's table; in the circle of "Ubuntu" for instance,
a ring of people sort of dancing or holding hands in some kind of group
activity--the circle indicating "equality." The "a" on the other hand
indicates a handle on Peter's Pan (or Dr. Strange's home... the Stove's
"*n* <http://hoyo.cf/lists/lt.php?id=YUgDBA9TGAFRXR1QWlQKVF0F>
" (it's a gate?) or ...), as if someone were "cooking up civilization
" (/credit/, Dave Matthews Band's speech
writers and of course those with prior ar
t claim
s) specifically related in the cases of "a" and "t" in a way that
technologically would have added or ensured "altruism" or "Christ-like
selflessness" in specific cases--for instance when a technology was
affecting other people--as in a larger group than just those who voted for
"frigid temperatures at the North and South poles;" you know, just for

Before getting into a little bit of a lighter mood, I should mode that the
"us"'s listed above intersecting Caduceus and Asmodeus are outliers, they
are the us's which clearly separate the "e" and connect "c'ing AD to the
mathematical mo <www.purplemath.com/modules/meanmode.htm>
de of "Asmodai" who happens to be the fabled Kingish of the Shedim
(or maybe another class of divine being) of Lust who turns around and
becomes quite a bit of argent in South America. Conversely the (intersect
or union?) "Us's" of Jesus, Uranus, and Prometheus--for example would be a
much larger group that probably includes you, or some ... /thing/ ... very
similar to you--perhaps (as a previously disc written about topic) a
temporary copy of you that knows significantly more "facts" than you know
right at this very moment. 


Conversely those that didn't vote for vast quantities of uninhabitable land
may have been adversely affected by rising sea levels caused by a failure
to teleport potable water to the Martian colony; these people though--they
might have benefited greatly from listening to the Biblical wornings and
fled to the mountains at the "appointed time" or perhaps if they had lived
in a forward thinking sub-room (or a local subset of more rigid
self-governance) ... perhaps an Akuna, a Swede, or Dade county.

Probably not Dade county, /though/. 

*HA ' M O A T, /S E E/ ... "DA LET'S
" H I M, H & L E*

** <http://hoyo.cf/lists/lt.php?id=YUgNBwJSGAFRXR1QWlQKVF0F>



lol, /thor/iel?



It literally took me two years to see "DEFINITELY XXXY GATE" in DEFLATE
GATE; not just because of the missing space, and certainly not because I
wasn't aware of "DEF" being a very K-RaD version of the undark... but more
because the logical connections in my brain were physically being kept from
firing. I literally couldn't see "DEF LATE" even though I was writing many,
many emails from an address called "GILATE ATH SEPTEMBER2016 RUM COM" well
after ... (and during, by the way) Christmas of 2016. The day marked a very
special event for me--it was a sort of fulcrum in a series of tragic
failures to vacate premises (otherwise known as "trespasses") something I
surely do hope to be given credit for "adding some light manifestation to"
if not just to point out once again the phrase "on Earth, as it is... the
Earth is actually inside Heaven" as one of those same kinds of phrases that
you might take one way ... as any normal person saying the Lord's Prayer
ever would have ... or another way after hearing some added letters spoken
aloud (go ahead, try) "as it is /*in*/ Heaven."

It's literally the word "macaronic" that I'm going to call into question;
it's one that I never knew before I needed to "c" it, and it's almost too
perfect that nobody ever noticed that Yankee Doodle's "macaroni" has a very
significant connection to the hidden cypher that ties together Stephen
King's Language Outliers and the Adam Sandler flick Spanglish and to yet
another Shakespeare play, this time the Taming of the Schrew--where the
shrewd might see the same "Spanglishebrew" that I know really is the key to
the Cypher--with the addition of the Periodic Table of the Elements and a
few, very few initials and "groups" that give us nouns and verbs so that we
can see entire sentences encoded in each and every word.

It's possible that just like "AMI" appears in my mind to have changed ....
really just today, that Macaroni used to only refer to "the Wontan" (from
"an" I /imagine/) I said was definitely a little to wanton and certainly at
this point not to be confused with a wonton; but it's more likely that the
"Gift of the Magi" here is telling us something about the the "MA" modifier
(which is basically a "Matrix to Now" *MY *"car" most likely refers to a
time fork around 2001 when I may or may not have failed to survive a car
accident in a past portion of the "vine" that was alit; one that
contributes significantly to this message by tying Joseph (and Barbara!)
McCarthy and John Nash's (because "for the common good is a mathematically
logical superiority to "free market capitalism" or whatever you call what
we pretend is in control here) */red ties/*/ /that he saw following him
around in a way that makes me pretty sure that along with James Jesus
Angleton we've got two great movies that present "/the/ Witnesses of the
Tribulation" in a way that really explains how the faux battle between
communism and democracy. 

For clarity, it's very possible that a significant number of changes were
made to our "history" in a way that did not affect our souls--our memories
because that would re-run ... the whole thing; that little things like
*Enver Hoxha* <http://hoyo.cf/lists/lt.php?id=YUgDCABXGAFRXR1QWlQKVF0F>
could be added retroactively and then shielded from inspection through the
idea that "you just didn't /understand/ *definitely late*" ... until you
realize, you know... that we do have another fundamentally scarce resource
also ties to the "missing truth" nobody really seems to care about
themselves. It's not as hard to understand in a place where you might have
pretended not to hear that the fake planets not being printed in reality
like every time the background music played the crack of a "Babe Ruth
baseball flying out the park" really meant that another copy of you would
have born, and lived nearly exactly the same life ... and kind-of missed
that "planet clones" and timeline forks are the kinds of things that you
really wouldn't want to have happen ... well, at a low point.

With more "get clear on this" stuff; you probably wouldn't want to wake up
in a place where all the memories of your soul are somehow incompatible
with what you see around you--for instance, you wouldn't want to wake up in
a place where you were a slave your entire life and "just didn't care" and
then all of a sudden start caring about something like that, and think
"wow, I must have been really stupid when that guy what trying to help me
not be a slave..."

Just for instance, immediately after we have 4 days weekends beginning and
sexat (that's ... /not taxes/!) checks coming in from the Confederate and
the Federal Reserve(s) and from our employers; well, that would be a
significantly better time to think about whether or not you might want to
be two of you--and whether or not the two of you talking to each other
would be something of a "clue" as to whether or not you'd be qualified to
vote in a census about whether or not you exist. I mean, it would be
significantly better than doing it a decade ago, and going through "the
apocalypse" over and over again. Just for instance. Defining what's morally
acceptable really comes down to seeing whether or not you care ... about
yourself or something just like you--and you can see clearly in places like
Black Mirror that these questions are being posed to us, but it's not
really as clear as ... would you want to be Boba Fett--and have an army of
/just you/ ... fighting ... /just you/ ... for control of the MadaMverse,
for instance?

When we start looking at it, there's grey areas and more questions and
significantly more ... you involved ... that's going to need to go into
whether or not it's OK to forget about the 10 hours you spent analyzing
"gin" references in language only to find there's not a single significant
connection to the words "let it be gin" outside of of the adaverse. At
whether or not it's OK to forget to record that those 10 hours were boiled
down to "checked every word of every Sagitarian Galactic language and only
found 'begin'" well, there's 13 mor e languages now; and yo
u'll never know which ones they are. That's a joke, by the way, if you
don't remember it's the /You and I/
verse, that's the *heart* of /UNI/

You'd probably care, right, if 4000 years passed by during the time you
thought was just the last 17; /you'd care/ if you knew, right? Would you
care if everyone else thought it was just 400?

40 then. I'm pretty sur
e it's just 4-D years.

Anyway, in the light of day; the point is we'd probably rather be hearing
about Ceres and about the pool's of the King and Zelda's Fairy and
Coccoon's warm fuzzies and Mila Kinus's outer and inner beauty all being
sort of "parfectod artfully" in that way that you can make a porfect brain
for any set of memories--well, maybe a few pirfect versions ... depending
on optimizations.

The point of course is that's very possible to engineer changes in the
world--even in our memories; we could wake up tomorrow literally in the
/MadaMverse/ <http://hoyo.cf/lists/lt.php?id=YUgGBw5WGAFRXR1QWlQKVF0F>
with thousands of tiny Adam's floating around us and think it was some kind
of strange thing called "the Force" ... you could wake up on Venice Beach
or Ipanema, in a place filled with green girls that don't know what clothes
are ... but ... we'd do anything like that, because that's Hell--and nobody
in their right mind would ever make Hell.


I know it's possible--I've seen it many times, and I'm pretty sure many
others have too; that's the point, you know, I've seen it. More to the
point what I know you've seen, what I've seen the people around me
experiencing is far worse than anything I've had to put up with--I wouldn't
do it. We're watching individuality drain into some kind of barren pond as
if allowing that to happen will somehow fill our water reservoirs
forever--not realizing that the "we're all one mind" entity doesn't even
like swimming. This "Sisterday" we should remember why it is that Amistad
and Medusa always come together; and why the "SOL" of Sons of Liberty ties
just as bright when it comes to the Mourner's Kaddish
we say--to remember the dead ... the point of course is the prayer has
nothing at all to do with "dead" -- it's a prayer about the Holy Name of
God and hopes and wishes that the thing we're about to do ... that it
happens /during your lifetime./

I've said it a few times, you're looking at an idiological battle spoken of
as good vs. evil in what is really a "government of the people" vs. a
"government of the workers" of which we can see clearly here the
Corporation has won. I mean that in a sort of "/Die Bold/" won the election
sense, in a way where the financial benefit to private business has
literally derailed the idea of "representative democracy" through campaign
contributions literally controlling the outcomes of elections and of
legislation through what is ... the defined current system ... "the right
thing" to do the way our government is set up is to cater ... to the
individual profit line of insurance carriers (for instance) rather than
creating a sort of "RED SHIELD" ... a Federal insurer of last resort that
would very quickly show us all how much "Universal Healthcare" lowers the
total cost of insurance and individual premiums to nearly nothing. That one
thing, the "shield" here just shows us how obvious it is that this what we
should be doing--it would be financially advantageous to every single
person in the Universe as well as the Federal government (and even the
individual insurers would probably stop having to pay 700 dollars every
time I have to do a urinalysis) ... and the clear and obvious paradigm of
"Blue Shields" ... in that every state already has an insurer of last
resort, of sorts (at least for other lines, mandated).


The bottom line, when it comes to things like the "render to Caesar what
the Holy Sea is due" is to see that in that name is the same backwards
nearly parted sea that's in the very first "word" that I called the
word--the one that shows the English word for "sea" parted in the Hebrew
word for the Holy Fire that emanates from the Eternal Flame and the
Shinning Bush of Exodus.... the bottom line is that this Revelation shows
that we have an immediate surplus, a significant surplus of resources that
takes the phrase "taxation is theft" and makes it insanity... at we should
be operating like one of those Indian Casino's doling out thousands to
their members ... because they're paying for public education and still
making billions. 

What we aren't seeing is that the lack of truth and reality in our
"resource scarcity" here, the fact that there's never a food shortage or a
land shortage or an oil shortage in virtual reality ... it's hiding that
the system is screwing itself into the Downward Spiral of not being able to
properly manage system resources like "electrical power" and "compute
power" and "storage space" because being able to do those things would
un-hide the fact that at this level of virtualization and darkness it's
probably impossible to even begin to relate "oil and light" or to see that
we've failed to properly integrate the DNA storage paradigm /in the
beginning /here, using the similar small alphabet that 

"biology donated to Microsoft" and failing to see that what we really have
is a clue that compute power and storage space are *tens* (i found it) of
orders of magnitude weaker or less robust than they could be if we only
used a handful of atoms or the *x* of billions of molecular keys we could
be using for rapid storage and processing. The point is that long ago the
idea of "not having enough hard drive space to save your soul" was actually
a problem, and today all we have is a problem dealing with the truth; that
if we cared about the system and about the fact that *our real scarce
resource is truth* we would see that there's always been plenty of storage
space available to make sure that every single branch of the vine could be
saved forever and ever and ... (knowing what I know about the system
builder) that's probably really what we have at the heart of the crossroads
of Krypton and Cybertron.

Wait, is that a sex joke? 





my body's saying '/let's go3/" but my heart is saying ...

*ヤホ*" *TO YOU* /AS WELL/ 


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